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The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

Linguists: Trump Is Saying ‘Big League,’ Not ‘Bigly,’ Still Stupid Either Way

Fine, so he's saying 'big league' and not 'bigly.' But he's stills using it weird.

Trump Campaign Releases Laziest Dumbass Ad Of 2016 Campaign

Gosh, did Hillary Clinton get cheered for promising to raise taxes on the middle class? Sure, if you're a complete idiot!
Also, Dude, don't read the Breitbart comments

Barack Obama Tells You A Thing He Knows About The Negro And The Oriental

President Obama signed a bill Friday updating federal law to eliminate obsolete racial terms like 'negro' and 'Oriental' from federal law. Rightwing reaction was as measured and thoughtful as you'd expect.
I don't understand. It beeps whenever I type "An Idiot"

Study Finds Sarcasm Is Good For You. Yeah, Right.

Excellent news, everyone! A new study has determined that reading Wonkette will add years to your life, help you lose weight, make you smarter, and guarantee you more access to sex. Or snark. Maybe it was snark. Also, the...

Sarah Palin Brings Her Patented Wit To Bear On Refudiating Strawman Bergdahl Story

Sarah Palin posted an example of rightwing comedy on her Faceplace thing Tuesday with some hilarious riffs on the absurd notion that Bowe Bergdahl has "forgotten how to speak English" -- which isn't something that anyone in Bergdahl's family...

Obama’s ‘Dog’ Remark Reveals That He Is Secretly Black

Did you notice that on Labor Day Barack Obama went "off-TelePrompTer" and made a kind of petulant remark about the fact that nobody likes him anymore? The "powerful interests" who oppose him "talk about me like a dog,"...