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President Bannon Cramming Sh*t Through While Ivanka And Jared Are Off Being Jewish

Have you noticed that Trump's worst behavior happens between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday?

Super Smart Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Admits Her Boss Is A Criminal LOL OMG WTF

Did Donald Trump do crime in Cuba? Of course he did, says his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway!

Alex Jones Won’t Be Fooled When Hillary Clinton Tries To Assassinate Herself


Comey Hearings Just A Bunch Of House Republicans Stepping On Own Dicks. Again.

What did we learn from the GOP's incessant badgering of James Comey? Lots! But not what the GOP wanted us to learn.

Benghazi Ambassador’s Sister Would Like Republicans To STFU And Stop Blaming Hillary

What, you mean the Republicans on the Benghazi committee actually don't speak for the families? You don't say!

GOP Benghazi Press Conference Basically Just Trey Gowdy Stepping Repeatedly On Own Dick

Tuesday's Republican Benghazi press conference was as pathetic as you'd imagine.
Winning the day.

House Republican Benghazi Report Fails To Convict Hillary Clinton Of Murder AGAIN

Who could have imagined the Benghazi investigation would have been a giant waste of all our time and money?
we all did a business

Which Bank Is Just Going To Pay A Big Ol’ Meaningless Fine This Week?

It's your week in corporate malfeasance. Get out your pitchforks!

Trey Gowdy Accidentally Admits Hillary Clinton Didn’t Benghazi Anyone (Except Vince Foster)

Benghazi investigation chair Trey Gowdy's long, drawlin' roundabout way of saying, 'I apologize to America for wastin' everybody's time for so long, I will leave public service forever and find a job I am better suited for, like makin' taxidermied beavers kiss each other on their purty mouths.'

Donald Trump: Has Hillary Clinton Ever Even Made A Scottish Golf Course Or Chinese Ties?

Barack Obama did Barack Obama's very favorite thing Saturday night, and that is "making fun of Donald Trump." Did Donald Trump get so frowny madface that he immediately started running for president afterward? Nah, not this time. But he...
The Sisters of Perpetual Vigilance

Responsible Gun Owner Lets Life Imitate ’13 Hours’ By Shooting Nice Lady In Theater

More news of our Well Regulated Militia this week, as Responsible Gun Owners have once again kept themselves, their families, and their nation safe from tyranny by blowing holes in themselves and complete strangers. It's always a great day...
A historical documentary with Moar Dakka!

Stupid Michael Bay Benghazi Movie ’13 Hours’ Sorely Lacking In Giant Robots

According to rightwing bloggers having jizzspasms over Michael Bay's new Benghazi movie, 13 Hours is certain to sink Hillary Clinton's hopes of ever being president. But this loud, excessively long (two-and-a-half hours, Alan!) wargasm doesn't actually mention the former...
And they'll probably all insist on 'dignity,' too.

GOP Congress Vows To Protect Us From Syrian Orphans Who Did Benghazi

Damn, how did it take almost a full week for a Republican to invoke Benghazi in the debate over whether the United States should grant refugee status to victims of terrorism? These guys are losing their reflexes. But at...
See? Running scared, all right.

House Republican: Hillary Clinton Tricked Us Into Looking Stupid On ‘The Benghazi’

Remember years ago, or maybe just last month, when Hillary Clinton spent 11 hours explaining to Congress exactly how she did Benghazi and why she did Benghazi and that she would do it again, for the laughs that are NOT FUNNY,...

Deleted Comments: Hillary’s A War Criminal And So Are You, Wonkette!

While all your Wonket pals were busy kvelling over Hillary Clinton's impressive performance in the 100-meter Ass-Kick during the Benghazi Decathlon on Thursday, it seems that not everyone was a fan. The griping started well before the circus, when...
Why, yes, Rachel, I *do* feel like a Boss.

Watch Rachel Maddow Torture Benghazi Confession Out Of Hillary Clinton!

After crushing it in her marathon testimony before the Benghazi Inquisition (which unlike the Spanish one, didn't even offer her a comfy chair), Hillary Clinton talked for an hour with a far more intelligent questioner, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. We...