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GOP Senate Candidate Believes In A Woman’s Right To Make Him Dinner

Courtland Sykes will not stand for women telling him what women's rights are.

Deleted Comments: The Swiss Are Working On An Artificial Vagina

And when they have it perfected, women are OUT.

These Dicks Are Buying Up Your Alt-Weeklies And Turning Them Into National Review Or Some Shit

Keep an eye on the institutions YOU love, because these libertarian pieces of shit are coming for all of them.

Education Department Civil Rights Lady Pretty Grossed Out By Ladies, Minorities, Civil Rights

Only the best people work in the Trump administration.

Steve King Has Terrific Plan To Give All Public Schools’ Money To The Duggar Family!

Good news! A terrible bill to gut public education may be defeated by opponents who are farther to the right than the bill's author, Iowa Rep. Steve King.

Time For Rand Paul’s Biannual Five Minutes Of Sense

Rand Paul thinks neither Rudy Giuliani nor John Bolton should be Secretary of State. Look for more sense from him in 2018!

If Loving Apartheid Is Wrong, Jerkoff Billionaire Peter Thiel Wants To Be Wrong

A libertarian doucheboy in the 80s defended apartheid? You don't say!

Gary Johnson Knows Learning Things Is A Gateway Drug To Knowing Things

This idiot does not give stoners a good name.

Hillary Clinton Went On ‘Between Two Ferns’ To Show Kids These Days How Hip Grandma Is

Hey, millennials! It is Hillary Clinton, doing a funny thing!

Gawker Suer/Trumpkin/Libertarian Peter Thiel Is Kindest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Be

You know how Libertarians "love" freedom of speech and of the press and of religion and of the right to assemble and of the right to keep their homes free from quartering troops against their will? And you know...

Rand Paul Has Another Extremely Occasional Moment Of Sanity, Drops Out Of Race

See? The insane, dumb Iowa caucuses DO serve a purpose, and it's to get rid of some more of these damn Republicans who think for whatever reason that they might get to be president someday, LOL as if. First...
If it's U of Oregon maybe that should be a duck girl instead of a cat girl...

Student Libertarians Demand Government Give Them Money For Guns. UR DOIN IT RONG.

Libertarians at the University of Oregon are feeling mighty oppressed -- not only does the school ban open or concealed carry of firearms on campus, but the student government wouldn't fund an event the group held to protest the...

Rand Paul Pretty Sure Gays Can Just Go Do Hair If They Get Fired From Their Jobs

Rand Paul is still laboring under the delusion that he is running for president -- did you see the "dumbass" livestream of his campaign day? Didn't think so. Stumping at Drake University on Wednesday, he laid down some of that...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul: It’s ‘American’ To Be Rude Law-Breaker, As Long As You’re White

Were we not, just the other day, rolling our eyes at Sen. Rand Paul for explaining that Black Lives Matters is Taking A Stand all wrong, because those people are NOT fighting the system according to society's rules of polite behavior,...
My Little Pony: Friendship is a Plot to Take Away Our Liberty

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Guy Who Murdered Kids Only A Distraction From Planned Parenthood’s Crimes!

Our piece last week on the nice North Carolina dad who was an ardent Open Carry enthusiast (and whose Facebook page was full of pro-gun, anti-Obama, and anti-Muslim messages) who shot his two preschool-aged sons to death drew the...
Does a large legislature bring more idiots into government?

New Hampshire Rep. Just Asking: Does Medicaid Expansion Make You Shoot Heroin?

Here's some unconventional thinking from New Hampshire state Rep. Dan McGuire: maybe the reason that New Hampshire has so much heroin addiction is that Medicaid has been expanded in the state, and hence more people have access to addiction...