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Speaking Of Trump And Sex Crimes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Makes More Poots With Her Lips

Feminist Icon Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies about victims of sexual harassment. Because it is a day.

Can You Libel A Scaramucci? Can You Catch A Cloud And Pin It Down?

We are wordsmiths over here. Hello, Merriam-Webster?

Court Decides Loser Running Against Elizabeth Warren Also Loser In Different Way

You know who didn't invent email? This guy who keeps suing people who say he didn't invent email.

You Can’t Sue The ACLU For Telling You To Fuck Off, Bob

Respectfully submitted: go fuck yourself, Bob.
Every bit as petulant today as in 2003

Sore Winner Darrell Issa Sues Democratic Opponent For Libel Like Big Whiny Jerk Baby He Is

Maybe people hate him because he's a schmuck, not because campaign ads called him a schmuck.
Field notes: Subject 'Trumpy' issues 'pant-hoot' challenge immediately prior to flinging feces

Better Watch Your Mouth, Donald Trump Suing Everyone Who’s Mean To Him

Oh, that Donald Trump! He doesn't take it well when people say mean things about him, and he likes to bring a lawsuit now and then, especially when people make him mad by routing airplanes over his resort. Tuesday,...
Terrifying real news that's verified... to be fake

Paris To Fox News: See You In Court For Being Lying Liars

Now that Fox News has admitted it completely made up a series of stories about supposed "no go zones" in France and England -- districts where the police and other officials supposedly leave local Muslims to run things on...
Buh bye now. Buh bye.

Smug Jerkface Stacey Campfield Might Go To Libel Jail After All

Oh, golly, outgoing Wonkette Legislative Shitmuffin of 2013 Stacey Campfield. You are not having a good past couple months, are you? First you lost your primary election by a whopping THIRTY-NINE POINTS -- seriously, what incumbent Tennessee Republican loses...
Turn that poo-face upside down, Sarah.

The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

When the Grifter Queen of The Last Frontier announced the creation of her own website/TV channel, we laughed along with the rest of you. "It's just a way to make a quick buck, and she'll probably quit halfway through,...

You Can’t Mock Bad Restaurants In Australia How Is That Even Fair?

Right now, we are feeling pretty happy that we do not live in Australia, because apparently it is really costly to make fun of people if you live Down Under. Witness this epic restaurant review battle royale where some...

All Hail State Legislative Sh*tmuffin Of The Year, Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield!

A big congratulatory rubber-gloved handshake to Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield, our inaugural winner of the Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award, State Legislator Division. And indeed, who more fitting than the very man who inspired the creation of...

FishbowlDC May Call Tucker Carlson As A Character Witness Or Something, Seems About Right

And we sort of think this is everything you could ever possibly need to know. On the defense side, lawyers for Mediabistro Inc. list potential 12 witnesses, including Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson, former Washington Times editor Sam Dealey, former...

Tennessee Legal Genius Stacey Campfield Doing His Best To Avoid Paying Heaps Of Money To Guy He Libeled

Blogging sure is hard sometimes. Between waking up at 5:30 a.m. to dredge Twitter for things to be outraged about and avoiding an EPIC SMACKDOWN for stating a fact about a whiny Breitbart charity hire with a martyrdom complex,...