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ICE Knows Some Terrible Fucking Publicity When It Gets It, Gives Stay Of Deportation To Sick Baby’s Dad

Rejoice! ICE has shown absolutely minimal decency to one of its targets. For now.

This Woman Is An Asshole

It's a lot easier to cure cancer with a natural diet if you don't have cancer in the first place.
Needs more glowing blue eyes and speaking in ALL CAPS

Christian ‘Insurance’ Helps Members Love On Others, Avoid Demonic Obamacare

Christians who can't stand Barack Obama's socialist government takeover of healthcare have been rushing to buy into "health care sharing ministries," which give them an affordable alternative to actually having insurance, as long as they don't mind not having...
It's your right to make everyone around you sick

CA Dad Would Like Anti-Vaxxers To Stop Trying To Kill His Son

Not only is refusing to get your kids vaccinated aggressively stupid, it's also exceedingly selfish, a fact anti-vaxxers will have a hard time dismissing now that 6-year-old leukemia patient Rhett Krawitt has come to national attention. His father is...