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This Is Fuckin’ BAD Y’ALL

This will probably be the last post of the night, unless Pence decides to 25A him before morning.

Trump Bombs Shit Out Of Syria, And Media CAN’T STOP HAPPY-JIZZING ABOUT IT

Did Donald Trump become A REAL MAN last night? The media sure thinks so!

Did Mike Huckabee Just Call Lindsey Graham A Fag?

Mike Huckabee is a grown man who is very mature.

Wonkagenda: Thursday, 7/21/2016

Ted Cruz shit the bed last night when he spoke at the Republican National Convention and didn't endorse Trump. SPOILER ALERT: Everybody.Hates.Ted Cruz. Donald Trump gave an interview to the New York Times where he said he'd only...

RNC Night Three: Let’s Watch America Be First And Mike Pence Be Number Two! A Livebloog!

It's 'Make America First' Night at the RNC. Let's see what that nice Mr. Lindbergh has to say, shall we?
She's sassy!

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Has Diaper Fantasies, And They Are Disgusting

Laura Ingraham can't wait to poop her pants. Don't you want to sit next to her?
Basically Tim Pawlenty with slightly more experience. Whatever happened to T-Paw anyway?

John Kasich Big Fan Of Hispanic Ladies Who Clean His Hotel Room

Remind us again: Are we supposed to pretend Ohio Gov. John Kasich is one of the cuddly not-so-bad Republican presidential candidates? It's so hard to keep track these days of who the Serious Candidates are. Kasich did reluctantly allow the...
Maybe the demon sheep did it

Carly Fiorina Gets Lady Quota Affirmative Actioned Into Next Republican Debate

Remember how Carly Fiorina has been complaining all the time, like every day, except for how she is SO NOT COMPLAINING (she's been complaining), that CNN has some sort of lame "rules" about who gets to stand under Donald Trump's...
What Brian Kilmeade looks like shopping for toys.

Fox & Friends Confused Which Toys Have A Penis And Which Have A Vagina

It is a day, which means there is a news story that is evidence of the PC police gone whackadoodly, and the adult daycare couch of "Fox & Friends" is exhibiting signs of confusion. The culprit: Target. How is Target...
It's a good idea in Oregon, it's a good idea everywhere

Tyrant Hillary Clinton Will Haul All Americans Off To Voting Camps

Hillary Clinton pleasantly surprised the hell out of us Thursday by calling for every American to be automatically registered to vote at 18, following the lead of Oregon, which passed universal registration earlier this year. In a speech at Texas...
Your reaction to this picture says more about you than it says about Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner Making Wingnuts Feel Shame Tingles In Their No-No Parts

Monday, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her transition to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair. Known up to that point as Bruce Jenner, male Olympian and Kardashian-adjacent person, she told her story to journalist Buzz Bissinger, while Annie Leibovitz supplied...
Is me the president I have been waiting for?

Jeb Bush Answer To ‘Would You Have Invaded Iraq?’ Almost As Big A Clusterf*ck As Invasion Of Iraq

Jeb Bush sat down for a Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly that aired Monday, to talk about how much he wants to do presidenting, because his big brother (George W. Bush) got to do it and his dad...
Be like this, Baltimore!

Rand Paul Knows Baltimore Thugs Just Need Good Dads, Like His Drunk, Criming, Jerk Son Has

Sen. Rand Paul is A Expert on many things, like racial tension, and morality, and parenting, and why cops kill black people sometimes (because of high taxes, duh), and, like, other stuff too. So of course we are all...
Now you listen here Mister Sassy Iranian Foreign Minister!

Confused Republican Senator Continues To Insist He’s President of America

A certain newbie senator is still running his mouth off about how he is not going to allow the president to act in his authority as president because he's suffering the delusion that "freshman senator" is the most powerful...
At least we can all agree she isn't the best

Feminism To Blame For White House Security Breach, Obviously

The White House has had a number of security problems recently -- namely, that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of security. One could argue that maybe the Secret Service is too busy banging Colombian hookers...