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Peter Thiel’s Evil Spy Machine Knows More About You Than You Do

Silicon Valley's bastard son has created something far more sinister than Facebook.
Artistic rendering.

Los Angeles Police Chief To Trump: Nah Mang, We Ain’t Doing Your Dirty Work

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says deportation is 'not our job; nor will I make it our job.' Applause!
Joe Friday has had enough of this shit.

LAPD Probably Fully Justified In Shooting Homeless Guy As He Lay Prone On Ground, Says LAPD

Sunday was a lovely day in Los Angeles, unless you were the homeless guy on downtown’s Skid Row scuffling with LAPD officers who shot and killed you while holding you down on the sidewalk. Then maybe your day was...

Fired LAPD Officer Going Django On Everyone’s Asses

You may have heard, there is a fired LAPD cop/former sniper going around murdering everyone, from the daughter of the Police League lawyer who didn't win his case, to all the lesbi-cops and every other "high value target" in...

Los Angeles Would Like To Get In On This Rape Cop Game Please

Looks like the NYPD rape cops better step up their game because they have some competition! Whereas the NYPD keeps its lady citizens safe by raping them at gunpoint and or alternatively, when they are too drunk to consent,...

LAPD Celebrates City’s Lowest-Crime Ranking By Arresting People For Chalking On Sidewalk, Shooting Them

It is hard sometimes to be the police force for the big city with the lowest crime rate, we guess, which is why the LAPD recently arrested people for drawing on a sidewalk with chalk? But then whoops the...

Feds Nail Five Blackwater Executives; Evil Racist Fascist ex-LAPD Chief Finally Dead

The Justice Department just indicted five evil southern scum-lords who used to run Blackwater, the private murder company hired by Dick Cheney to kill everyone in Iraq. The charges? Weapons violations, something about illegal machine guns, lies to the...