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On This May Day, A Radical Idea: What If You Couldn’t Be Fired For No Reason?

At-will employment is garbage and we should get rid of it.

A Country That Hates Workers Celebrates Labor Day

It's Labor Day! Go watch 'Norma Rae' ... Or maybe 'Office Space.'

Ann Coulter ‘Terrific’ At Telling ‘Jokes’ At Rob Lowe Roast, Like LMAO!

Wherein we almost feel sorry for Ann Coulter for a minute, but then the moment passes, sort of like a fart.
The Ludlow Massacre -- now THAT's worth a holiday

We Bet Allen West Would Still Like Labor Day To Honor Robber Barons And Scabs

It's another Labor Day blast from the past, as Allen West remembers how nice labor was before unions messed everything up.
I eat poop.

Remember When Eric Cantor Honored America’s Unsung Managerial Class on Labor Day?

From Eric Cantor, a reminder of Labor Days past, when hard-working entrepreneurs exploited workers as God intended.
reply hazy, will be sorted out by Executive Order

Obama’s Labor Day Executive Order So Un-American That It Helps Workers

Happy Labor Day Weekend, WonkSquad! Are you spending it like your average American worker, drunk and with your family? Or are you spending it like your average Corporate Fat Cat, drunk and with your secret second family in upstate...
Thanks Obama

Tyrant Barack Obama Bent On Making You Stay Home From Work If You’re Sick

In a Labor Day speech in Boston, Supreme Leader Barack Obama declared himself greater than God, decreeing that he alone held the power of sickness and health over America's workers. Or maybe he announced that he'd signed an executive...
please like my business practices

Papa John’s Is Still A Douche, And Other News From Corporate America

Labor Day. A time for parades, cooking meat over fire, and passive-aggressive swipes at workers by shitbird Republicans. It's also an excellent time to check on how our favorite corporate persons are treating their pesky working stiffs. Paid Parental Leave...

Labor Day: Why You Get To Day-Drink Like A Blogger Today!

BREAKING: Labor Day was not named for women squirting fully baked fetuses out of their hoo-has because hahahaha celebrating women is a silly notion. Labor Day actually celebrates workers, as in unions, as in the people who are constantly trying to...
She doesn't hate the gays. Really.

Hey Everybody, Where’s Kim Davis? Oh That’s Right, She’s In Jail! Your Weekly Top Ten.

Oh hello, Wonkers, and how is your holiday weekend going? Are you ZZZZZZZing like we are, or are you playing croquet with the king of Spain or something glamorous like that? Well take a break, because it's time for...
You should be dancin' dancin' DANCIN'!

That Time House Majority Loser Eric Cantor Honored America’s Unsung Managerial Class On Labor Day

The Republican Party loves Labor Day so much that it's gone and created a whole new special double version of it, on the same day. This one, however, celebrates the historical enemy of organized labor, the Noble Small Businessman....
Promised and Delivered!

Labor Day Weekend Gas Prices Lowest Since 2004, Have You Thanked Michele Bachmann Yet?

Gasoline prices are down, so go fill up all your recreational machines and have a carbon-spewing Global Warming extravaganza, America! The average price of gasoline was $2.51 per gallon on Monday, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said, the lowest price...

Let’s All Get Drunk For Three Days, For ‘Unions’ Or Whatever

Hoo boy howdy yee haw, what a week, right? RIGHT?! We persecuted some Christians and threw them in jail -- well, just the one, for now, but BEWARE CHRISTIANS, WE ARE COMING FOR ALL OF YOU. And we laughed and...
The Ludlow Massacre -- now THAT's worth a holiday

Allen West Would Like Labor Day Honoring Robber Barons And Scabs, Please

Great American Allen West has just about HAD IT with the shallowness of American three-day-weekend holidays, especially Labor Day, which he pretends to give a good goddamn about in a column published Monday. You see, Mr. West, who used...
If it's Sunday ... it's probably still going to suck

It’s Labor Day (In Case You Didn’t Know) And Other News You Can Maybe Use

Everyone enjoy having the day off, except for those of you who don't have the day off. Also, enjoy some news. Now that NBC has gotten rid of that old host of "Meet the Press" -- David something? Who can remember?...
At least until Labor Day we guess.

The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Sarah Reveals The True Meaning of Labor Day

When Sarah Palin announced her new online channel, Wonkette commenter Fartknocker ponied up the coin to buy us a year-long subscription, plus a couple beers for our troubles. This week's installment of The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By...