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Vive le Résistance! Wonkagenda for Wed., Feb. 7, 2018

Trump wants a parade, Congress tries to avert ANOTHER shutdown, and Jesus is being selective with flu shots. Your morning news brief!

LA Times Owners ‘Tronc’ Up To Sinister Bullshit Again

Hell of a way to run a newspaper, tronc.
what if they just read it instead?

LA Times Goes Union! Gross Harassey Publisher Goes Straight To Hell!

Big doin's at the Los Angeles Times, yes sir.

What A Shithole. Wonkagenda For Fri., Jan. 12, 2018

Trump calls Caucasianally challenged Not America a 'shithole,' Missouri's governor has some explaining to do, and Russian hackers are ready for 2018. Your morning news brief!

Where’s My Roy Cohn? Wonkagenda For Fri., Jan 5, 2017

Everyone is screwing with Trump-Russia, MORE 'Fire and Fury,' and we FINALLY found Roy Moore's Jew lawyer. (No, a different one, who's not a Jew and not a lawyer.) Your mornings news brief.

Trump Finds A Website Worse Than Fox News. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 27, 2017

The GOP still can't figure out what it's doing, REXXON is blowing off security briefings, and Melon Trump hates being FLOTUS. Your post-vacay morning news brief!

Los Angeles Times Owners Try To Bust New Union In Stupid, Pathetic, Total TRONC Way

Wow, are union-busters going downhill. Maybe they should hire a union guy to help!

‘Fox & Friends’ Morons So Mad At These ‘Anti-Trump’ T-Shirt Slogans, Like GRRRRRR!

We guess t-shirts are 'Anti-Trump' if they say true things. UNFAIR TO THE PRESIDENT!

Loretta Sanchez Craaaay Yo

Everything about this Loretta Sanchez/Kamala Harris US Senate debate was nuts. Except Kamala Harris.

Oh Look, Paul Ryan Lied About Something

Are you done yet? Did you read all eight gazillion pages of the Ryan Budget, or did you stop after the first few lines and pleasure yourself thinking about his dreamy biceps? Well, we didn’t read it all either...

Koch Brothers Buying the Liberal Media Now

Hey, who's tired of reading actual "information" in the handful of remaining legitimate news outlets quietly dying out in America? Persecuted swamp monsters Charles and David Koch are growing tired of watching their feudalist political philosophies maligned in the...

Selfishness Expert Sarah Palin Rules On Selfishness of WI Union Thugs

Who among you surveyed all the Wisconsin recall election post mortems and thought, hmm, even though we’ve heard from the New York Times, NPR and the Economist, something is still missing. Something with a healthy dollop of vindictive awfulness and...

You Still Can’t Take A Chicken To The Doctor Unless It Is A Chicken Doctor

Remember that LA Times article from a couple months back where they revealed that the average American family pays about $20,000 for health care every year? And then ran the article with a picture of a Hyundai...

Reporter Tells Epic Tale Of How She Has LIMITED PRESS ACCESS To Walnuts

My friends, this election is not what you think it is. It is not about choosing between two candidates (AND RON PAUL WRITE-IN 4 LBRTY) for the next president. Ha! This election has always been about something more fundamentally...

Poll: Americans Reject Maverick Heroes

Proving that Obama's 15-point lead in last week's Newsweek poll was a liberal hoax, a hot new LA Times poll has Obama's lead diminishing to a statistically insignificant 12 points, or 15 if you include fictional losers Bob Barr...