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Trump Makes America Great Again With New DADT. Wonkagenda for Thurs., Aug. 24, 2017

Trump gets official with his trans ban, fossil fuel companies aren't even trying anymore, and Kushner properties are throwing people in debtors' prison. Your morning news brief!
Mein Kleines Pony: Freundschaft Macht Frei

Wingnut Bryan Fischer: You Gay Nazis Stop Doing Kristallnacht To These Florists RIGHT NOW!

Making a florist arrange flowers for a gay wedding is exactly like Kristallnacht, except for a few small details.

Smart Jewish Lady Thinks Bazillionaire Was Right About Progressives Genociding Him, So That’s Settled

It's over, people! The Tom Perkins controversy is over. A lady called Ruth Wisse, who is a smart Harvard-type Jewish lady who writes so many books about Jewish stuff, has decided that Tom Perkins was right on the money...