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Mean John Kelly Making White House Lame And Boring. Wonkagenda For Fri., Sept. 1, 2017

Trump secretly calls Steve Bannon, David Clarke quits, and Lindsey Graham is still butthurt about HER EMAILS. Your morning news brief.

Trump Uninvites North Korea From His Birthday. Wonkagenda For Wed., Aug. 9, 2017

Trump pouts the world into nuclear threat, Kellyanne Conway wonders if you're high, and Sean Hannity loses his shit on Mitch McConnell. Your morning news brief!

Deputy AG Lets Mueller Off His Leash. Wonkagenda For Mon., Aug. 7, 2017

Rod Rosenstein is hands off, Trump has his own shadow government, and Trump TV gets a new host. Your morning news brief!

Trump Judge Pick Doesn’t Want To Give Impression He’s Some Kind Of Faggot

This racist birther freak DEFINITELY deserves a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

Entire Universe Dares Donald Trump To Call Meryl Streep ‘Overrated,’ And Trump Delivers!

Trump actually got on Twitter and talked smack about Meryl Streep. Weak! Sad!
He IS Justice!

Oh God, Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe proves ONCE AND FOR ALL that Obummer's fake birth certificate is F-A-K-E. Just kidding, he does not.

Obama Announces Candidacy For President Of Cuba

Technically-still-President Barack Obama took his family on a vacay to Cuba, to see its famous cigars and smoke its famous sights and make Cuban-Canadian-Texan-Spunkface Ted Cruz real mad about it. Oh, and to try to further normalize relations with Cuba...

Wingnuts Will Never Forgive Michelle Obama For Outlawing Bacon Sundaes In Schools

Michelle Obama, Queen First Lady of our hearts, has long cared deeply about America's obesity crisis, particularly among kids. How have right-wingers been dicks to her about it over the years? Let us count the ways. First, some quick backstory....

Republicans So Mad At Barack Obama For Saying Muslims Are Human Beings, As If!

There goes Barry Barack Hussein The Muslim Obama again, showing everybody what a Muslim-loving Muslim from Muslimistan he is! If you were born on a turnip truck five minutes from now, you probably don't know how Obama destroyed American...
Expert of foreigns.

Hispanic Rep. Steve King Knows Ted Cruz Isn’t Some Gross Foreign Mexicuban Alien

The birther-baiting of Ted Cruz, by his own party (which hates him so much), is in full swing, and it could not be more glorious. It started Monday with Donald Trump just casually suggesting that it would be a...
It's always nice to use this picture.

President Hillary Clinton Will Grab Your Guns, Do Benghazi To Them

UH OH, small-dicked white men, you guys got a problem, and it is your new president, Hitlery Clinton. You see, she laid out a whole new plan to take everybody's guns and force them to renounce Jesus establish some sensible...
'S okay, he's a nice demon like Anya.

Wingnut Just Asking If Maybe Obama Is BFFs With Kenyan Demon Who Lives Inside Of Him

WorldNetDaily, that arbiter of reasonable news reporting and speculation ONLY when based on sound evidence, has a question: Did Barack Obama take his own personal demon to Kenya with him, and was it caught on camera getting off Air...

Oh No, Barack Obama Is Going To Do The Puppy Holocaust Now, For Allah!

You know that thing during the Super Bowl, where there is the Puppy Bowl for all the girls and homosexuals who are only there for the spiked punch? And know how, as per Mike Huckabee, Obama is doing the...
Can't we all just get along n stuff?

The Fartknocker Report: Sarah Palin So Mad Obama Won’t Stop Murdering The African Christians

On this week's Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker, Sarah Palin provides further evidence that news travels to Alaska via dogsled, paddlewheel steamers, and three-eyed ravens. We simply cannot come up with any other explanation for this bit of Palin-flavored...
Here's the Atheist Muslim Secularist quoting Jesus again

Obama Stomps All Over Jesus At Easter Prayer Breakfast, Wingnuts Outraged

Oh, dear, there goes Barack Obama again, attacking all of Christendom with an unspeakable slur! A few weeks back he offended all decent Christians by saying historically accurate things about the Crusades and slavery to note that bad things...
Good thing they didn't send their emails to Strongbad, he would have gotten SO MAD.

Here Are The Racist Emails That Landed Sh*tty Ferguson Officials In The Unemployment Line

If former court clerk Mary Ann Twitty, of Ferguson, Missouri, had been paying any attention to Hillary Clinton's lessons, she might still have a job right now. Same goes for Rick Henke and William Mudd, who used to be...