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Roy Moore’s ‘Christian’ ‘Charity’ Forgot To Render Unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s (And The IRS Is On Line Two)

Roy Moore's religious freedom to scam the IRS shall not be abridged! Thus saith the Lord.

Roy Moore Only Used Racial Slurs Because He Was Quoting Jesus, OK?

What else wouldn't Jesus say? Your OPEN THREAD!
Or maybe if Hillary becomes President. Or Warren.

Alabama Republican Says Gay Marriage Is End Of The World. Redneck Proves He’s Wrong

Alabama state GOP Chairman Bill Armistead just wants y'all to know that with the Federal Government cramming gay marriage down Roy Moore's throat and all, the End Times have officially arrived, and we can expect God to destroy the...
Judge DePiazza

Hero Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Will Block Gay Courthouse Door, For Freedom

Fellow Patriots®, are you tired of the gay agenda being rammed down your throat? Are you afraid that the repeated joyous celebrations of legalized gay marriage exploding all over your face will give you gay herpes of the eye?...