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Everybody Wants To GTFO Of The Trump White House, So It Sucks How Big Lots Probably Won’t Hire Them

We wouldn't hire any of these fuckers either.

Trump And Jeff Sessions Just Took A Tiki Torch To DACA

This was nothing more than a love letter to the same Nazi white supremacists who marched through Charlottesville.

Tim Allen, Richard Spencer, And Nazis In The News! (No, Not Steve Bannon. This Time.)

Some people need to study up a bit. It's your OPEN THREAD
In 20 years, nobody will remember this.

Donald Trump Really Really Really Needs Money. Might There Be An Illegal Way To Get Some?

Well OF COURSE the Donald Trump is sending campaign fundraising emails to members of foreign parliaments. Europe is a very classy place, and if you want classy illegal donations, you go to the classiest foreign people.
Let Them Eat Trump Steaks

You Will Completely Believe How Good Trump Campaign Has Been For Trump-Owned Businesses

Donald Trump's campaign has been great business for Donald Trump. And any business owned by his family.
Bernie, you're such a cuck now

Donald Trump To Start Getting CIA Security Briefings. That Should Be Fun!

Donald Trump would never say every idiot thing he is thinking, after all. Nothing could go wrong!
This fuckin' guy.

Breitbart Very Very Very Sorry About Its Journalism, For Sure

Mistakes -- we all make 'em! Admitting when you're wrong helps build credibility with your audience, and it is also too the Right Thing To Do. But that's not how they roll at Corpse Andrew Breitbart's Cyberdome For Teddy Roosevelt...

Figures: Stupidest Man On Internet Disgusted That Obama Would Abandon Bergdahl, Rescue Bergdahl

Hats off to Josh Marshall (and his tipster, "TT") at Talking Points Memo for this one: Back in October, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft was shocked and horrified at the prospect that Barack Obama might abandon POW...

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Crack Video Wasn’t Enough, So Let’s Throw In A Murder

It kind of sucks when a fun caper story takes a murdery turn, which is why The Italian Job -- the 1969 original, thank you -- was about stealing an armored truck full of gold, not about infiltrating...

Hey How Is It Going In Our Quest To Buy An Entire Person? An Update!

Last week or something, we asked you, the faithful Wonkvillein, to help us buy an entire person in the form and shape of Doktor Zoom. And many of you immediately started sending us money -- so much and so...

A Children’s Treasury Of Annoying Liberal Insta-reactions To This Local Murder

If there is one thing to count on when a lunatic shoots someone due to lunacy, it is to expect scores of liberal blog posts, longwinded self-righteous television segments from MSNBC anchors, and of course press releases from liberal...

OH YEAH MAUREEN DOWD: So she had a sentence from a TPM post in her column. Her explanation: she didn't mean to lift an unattributed quote from Josh Marshall; she meant to lift an unattributed quote from some random...