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Al Franken Super Sorry For Shitty Joke. Wonkagenda For Fri., Nov. 17, 2017

Everyone is pissseed at Al Franken, Democrats get high hopes, AND MORE!

Your James Comey Firing Shitshow! Wonkagenda For Wed., May 10, 2017

Comey on everyone's lips, more about James Comey, and some stories about James Comey. Your morning news brief!

Obama Speechwriter Calls CNN A Dumb Dick To Its Face, And It Is BAD. ASS.

Also too, the same day, Ted Koppel told Sean Hannity to stop hurting America! It was a good Sunday!

Melania Trump Warns Americans About Evil Cyber-Bullies, Like Her Husband

Gosh, we sure do agree somebody should do something about all the bullying assholes on Twitter.

Freedom Loving Tween Band Wants To Raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS To Send Anti-Trump Celebs To Canada

The USA Freedom Kids want to send Jon Stewart and Cher to Canadia.
Ask your parents

Reader Challenge: What Rhymes With ‘Bag Of Salted Rat Dicks’?

A German TV comic faces prison in Germany after insulting Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan on the air with a satirical poem that speculated about Erdoğan's love of sex with ungulates, among other things. Jan Böhmermann hosts "Neo Magazin" (kind of a "Daily Show" type deal,...

Mike Huckabee Yells At Lady To Shut Her Stupid Face About His Poor Duggar Pals

You might not like the politics of conservative cuddlebear Mike Huckabee, and you shouldn't, because they are terrible. But come on, everyone agrees he's so jolly and funny and fun, and even the liberal New York Jew Jon Stewart loved...
My Little Pony: Friendship is a Plot to Take Away Our Liberty

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Guy Who Murdered Kids Only A Distraction From Planned Parenthood’s Crimes!

Our piece last week on the nice North Carolina dad who was an ardent Open Carry enthusiast (and whose Facebook page was full of pro-gun, anti-Obama, and anti-Muslim messages) who shot his two preschool-aged sons to death drew the...
Answers is tough and is not my favorite.

Marco Rubio Thinks President Obama Is No-Class Bitch

La di da and fiddle dee dee, who knew Miss Marco Rubio was such a delicate little flower? But he is, it turns out, because while sitting on the Stupid Sofa of Stupid on "Fox & Friends," the soon-to-be-unemployed...

Correction: Barack Obama Is Not In Fact The Antichrist

Best newspaper correction ever or BEST EVER?Here's the original letter. It's quite something: Who and what is Barack Obama? Obama claims nobody can stop him or change anything he's done. This evil must come to pass before the Lord's return...

Morning Maddow: Brian Williams Gets Six Months, Jon Stewart Gets Life (Video)

Tuesday night was just one big bucket of breaking media news, what with NBC news anchor Brian Williams getting suspended without pay for six months, effective immediately, and Jon Stewart announcing that he is leaving the Daily Show forever,...
Best damn fake news anchor there is

Jon Stewart Made An Announcement Last Night, Don’t Wanna Talk About It

On Tuesday's The Daily Show, it was pretty much the same old thing. Some jokes, an interview ... oh, and the announcement that after 17 years, Jon Stewart is leaving the show. "I am a terrible employee,” he said, “and...

23 Times Fox News Sh*t The Bed, You Are Welcome

So you know how Fox News, America’s No. 1 News Source for Your Racist Uncle, got into that little dustup with Le Gay Paree over, you know, how France and England had created a bunch of Muslims-only Shariah paradises...

Mike Huckabee Can’t Believe Beyonce Still Hasn’t Resigned In Disgrace

Mike Huckabee, perpetual maybe-presidential candidate, wrote a book about what's wrong with America. Everything, basically, is wrong with America -- including the Obamas allowing their daughters to get their hippity-hop on to Beyonce's whore music. But it's not as...
Are we sure Randy Newman didn't write that song?

Fine, Here Is Your Big Colbert Report Farewell Number

Stephen Colbert did his very last show last night, and while it couldn't possibly top the majesty and brilliance of the Seinfeld finale, it also didn't close out the series with a clip show, either. After a fun "The Word"...
Sudo bring me a muffin.

Derp Roundup: Biblical Computer Programming, Obama’s Race Czar, And Other Horrors

It's time for another Derp Roundup, the occasional feature where we pressure-wash all the crud off our open browser tabs and bring you some stories that didn't quite merit their own posts, but were too stupid to ignore altogether....