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Guess Sheriff David Clarke Will Only Kill People In Milwaukee, Not Whole Country, Darn.

We probably haven't heard the last of David Clarke, especially if there's a TV camera within 20 miles.
No, honey, the rats are just playing a little rough.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Facing Impeachment For Alleged Blackmail, Being A-Hole

We're all quite aware that Maine Gov. Paul LePage is a loathsome, petty asshole who wants to punish the poor and get his own way on everything. But we didn't quite realize the Nixonian levels of pure spite the...

We Are Hiring, Or Our Sister Site Is, Same Thing Mostly

Hey guys, whatcha doin', bein' unemployed? That is so like you. Well WE HAVE NEWS and that is that our beloved Snipy has given us notice -- she was all like FUCK THIS NOISE I'm OUT -- and is...