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Dr. Voss slips on surgical gloves to "interrogate" Mrs. Peel

Resistance, Get Your Red-State Dems In Line!

And Mark Warner too.

This Is How Joy Reid Tells An Idiot To Shut The Fuck Up

All hail Joy Reid, destroyer of Trump-loving assclowns!

Trump’s New Tax ‘Plan’ Shakes Money Tree All Over Donald Trump! We Are Killed Of Shock!

Middle-class folks better not spend their $270 tax cut all in one place.

Trump And Jeff Sessions Just Took A Tiki Torch To DACA

This was nothing more than a love letter to the same Nazi white supremacists who marched through Charlottesville.

Trump White House: But What If We Told You … MEXICANS!

Was that shitshow actually planned????

Hey, What If The CEO Of Exxon Becomes Secretary of State? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Maybe we need a SecState who'd make us forget Hillary Clinton's nonexistent conflicts of interest once and for all. Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson fits the bill.

Anthony Weiner’s Dick Explodes All Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails

A Children's Treasury Of Folks Wondering What The Hell Kinda Stunt James Comey's Trying To Pull Here

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Breaks Up With Abusive Dumb Nightmare Boyfriend, The GOP

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin breaks up with the GOP for being too crass, stupid, and angry. Maybe she is libertarian-curious?
Actual pic of Larry Klayman

America’s Worst Lawyer, Larry Klayman, Suing Clintons Again, Totally Gonna Nail ‘Em Now!

At last, someone is brave enough to try, for the first hundredth time ever, to hold the Clintons accountable for being the Clintons. And surprise! It's the conservative group Freedom Watch, the brainfart of Larry Klayman, Esquire JD --...
Listen up, you Messico losers!

Donald Trump Will Sue The Sh*t Out Of You, All Of You, Everywhere, Shut Up Is Why

Donald Trump wants ALL the millions of U.S. American dollars because there are airplanes making airplanes noises in the privately owned sky over HIS mansion. True story! CNNMoney reports that Trump has filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach County,...

Jen Rubin Wants You To Get Married. Yes All Of You. Even You!

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin wrote an extremely lazy column about how "Marriage = Happiness," throwing a bunch of blockquotes together and calling it a day. Nice work if you can get it! For a column from the frequently bewildering...

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Examines President’s Lateness, Heroically Refrains From Concluding ‘Because He Is Black’

Jennifer Rubin has used her prime journalistic real estate at the Washington Post to examine the top crisis US America faces today: the president is, to all his events, an average of 11 minutes late. Perhaps you too have...

Let’s Play This Fun New Jennifer Rubin Game, ‘Game Of Lies’!

Jennifer Rubin, she's this lady. Writes Mitt Romney fanfic for the Washington Post. Well, she did, anyway. Now she's been reduced to a cutesy game where she steals the old Newsweek "Conventional Wisdom Watch" feature, with a series of...

John McCain And Jennifer Rubin Sittin’ In A Tree, Being W-R-O-N-G

Oh, golly, John McCain. You probably should have given this a bit more thought, maybe. When Jennifer Rubin says that you and the other two "amigos," Kelly Ayotte and Martin Short Lindsey Graham, are "distinguished pols of the week,"...

What If Jennifer Rubin Starred In An Experimental Science Fiction Short Story From 1968?

JENNIFER RUBIN is so funny, and there are a thousand laughs in store for you in the Washington Post with the new, improved JENNIFER RUBIN. Everyone enjoys a talking JENNIFER RUBIN, from young to old. Taste, see, smell, and...

Jennifer Rubin Furious That Obama Administration Finally Doing What Jennifer Rubin Wanted

"Why isn't Obama talking about black-on-white violence? Why won't Obama acknowledge that minorities are doing crimes? When will Obama tell young men of color to be responsible and get married and don't do crimes?" Asking these questions -- indignantly and...