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Ohhhhhhh, Hope Hicks! What Have You Done?!?!?!

What has become of our Hope Hicks? Is she a COMMON CRIMINAL now??????

Russians? What Russians? No Russians Here! Wonkagenda for Mon., July 17, 2017

Jay Sekulow embarasses himself on national television (again), TrumpCare stalls (again), and Ann Coulter gets told to sit down and shut up. Your morning news brief!

And They Ran, Ran So Far Away! Wonkagenda For Thurs., June, 29, 2017

Republicans are running from Trump, healthcare, and each other! Your morning news brief!

Trump Lawyer Hires Lawyer Who Hires Lawyer Who Hires Lawyer Who Hires Lawyer Who

YOU get a lawyer! And YOU get a lawyer! EVERYBODY GETS A LAWYER!

Trump Will Tap His Son-In-Law Jared Kushner, Which Is Illegal In All Fifty States

For a White House position! Get your minds out of the gutter, you pervs.