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Donald Trump And Paul Ryan, Will You Two Please Just Have Sex And Get It Over With?

There's a battle of halfwits going on right now, Donald Trump and the pinchable face cheeks of House Speaker Paul Ryan.
Image: Jesus said unto the hungry masses, go get a job you lazy deadbeats

Jeb Bush Rekindles Campaign Excitement With Pledge To Screw The Poors

Jeb Bush may have started the week looking like an incompetent nebbish, but he wrapped it up with a strong appeal to the GOP's deranged sociopath wing, proposing that the federal food stamp program be eliminated and replaced with...

FBI, Entire Republican Party Thought Jack Kemp Was Totally Gay

According to "files obtained by Salon," 1996 Republican vice-presidential candidate Jack Kemp was investigated by the FBI because everyone thought he was really, really gay. So score one for Salon's crack investigative team, we guess, for finally bringing down...

'A BLEEDING HEART CONSERVATIVE': Former Republican VP candidate Jack Kemp died over the weekend. He was sort of a loony supply-sider, but he actually cared about the working class and racial justice and all sorts of good things. A...

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