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Do Right-Wingers Just Not Understand How Buying In Bulk Works?

We need a political analysis of Costco customers, stat.

It’s Time For Some Turning-Health-Care-Into-A-Game Theory!

It's like that Monopoly game at the grocery store, but you can win a root canal.

Dumbass Paul Ryan Ain’t Even Know How ‘Health Insurance’ Works, Is Dumbass

He really should just shut up and look pretty.
Come and get your love

Trump Kills Paid-For Obamacare Ads Days Before Deadline, Because Nobody Needs Insurance (Happy Update!)

Need another reason to be pissed at Team Trump? Of course not, but here it is anyway.
Hope you've been making regular contributions to your health savings account...

Senate Dems Skip College Sportsball Game To Talk All Night About Obamacare. Is That Even Legal?

Senate Democrats held a talkathon to call attention to how Americans will be hurt if the ACA is repealed. Now get talking to your own senators and representatives.

Nice Orlando Hospitals Won’t Charge Pulse Victims Any Money For Getting Shot

Because HI, we live in a system in which people have to pay money when they get shot!
Professional cum-sock.

Gross Texas A.G. Ken Paxton Sure Hopes He Gets To Screw Some Ladies On Way To Prison

Let's see what our favorite indicted, maybe criminal Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is up to today, is he being a total dick just for the sake of being a dick? Yep, looks like it: Female employees of religious nonprofits...
They work!

Pro-Life Colorado Republicans Angry That Teen Abortion Rate Declining

Who would have guessed that the "pro-life" sex education plan, which is essentially "do not have sex ever, you whore," doesn't work? Everyone would have guessed that! But Colorado has a lesson to teach America about what DOES work,...
China's amphibious motorcycles and tractors will be 60% cleaner by 2022. Free LSD For artists will continue as is

While We Were Filling Up Our Pickups, China Cut Greenhouse Gas A Whole Bunch

Some cautious good news on climate, maybe! China has reduced its emissions of greenhouse gases by a big whole lot, according to Greenpeace -- about an 8 percent reduction in coal use in the first four months of 2015...
Dear God, will the terror never cease?

17 Million Newly Insured Americans Point And Laugh At Failed Obamacare

Try not to panic, but there's another study out showing that the number of people covered by the Affordable Care Act continues to grow, with nearly 17 million gaining coverage since 2013. Maybe Fox News can make a chart...
Well done, Maine Lege!

Alabama Doctor-Senator Was Just Kidding When He Filed Revenge Bill Against Dead Patient

Well that was satisfyingly fast. After news broke late last week that Alabama state Sen. Larry Stutts, an OB/GYN, was trying to repeal a 1999 law passed after a woman died under his care, Stutts turned around Tuesday and...
Statistician Twilight Is Offended By Your Pathetic Excuse For A Plot

Asking For ‘Obamacare Horror Stories’ Not Working Out That Well For Lying Assclown Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington) had a great idea to document just how horrible Obamacare has been for Americans: She went to her Facebook page, posted a chart that doesn't merely lie about the ACA but also makes no...
Now Grandma gets to go to the Horseshoe, THANKS OBAMA.

Obamacare Death Panels Oklahoma Old People, By Giving Them So Much Money

U.S. Americans have been lately wondering why their Oklahoma Grandma has been sending them TWO crisp twenties for their birthdays these past few years. Is she sick? Has she reached the point where she can't count moneys anymore? GOOD...
Ready for all comers

George Zimmerman: Be Sure To Buy Your ‘Killing Unarmed Black Kids’ Insurance!

George Zimmerman has a lot of free time. His notoriety prevents him from seeking conventional employment, evidently, and he got fired from his last unpaid gig in that the owner of the gun shop he was lurking behind at...
Almost sure that's not in Beckett

House Finally (FINALLY) Sues Obama, For Doing Thing House Wanted Obama To Do

In a master stroke of timing, the House of Representatives has finally filed that big lawsuit against Barack Obama for his tyrannical actions in using executive orders as if he were some kind of president or something. As you...