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Top Seattle ICE Lawyer Stoled Immigrants’ Identities To Do Credit Card Fraud. Is That Bad?

Hooray, it's just bog standard corruption, not Trump policy for a change!

Trump Jr. Can’t Stop Incriminating Himself. Wonkagenda for July 12, 2017

Trump Jr STILL can't stop/won't stop talking, Lindsey Graham is quietly baking GrahamCare, and Betsy DeVos meets with mens rights activists. Your morning news brief.
Is magical disappearing ink also a form of hacking?

Epic Comment Fight Of The Week: NO ONE IS SAFE On Wonkette! (Trigger Warning)

This week's Deleted Comments column is unusual in that no comments were actually deleted, although there was far greater drama than in the average deletia, and a commenter did end up getting tapped with the Banhammer of Loving Correction...