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They look pretty dangerous all right

Trump Has HAD IT With All These Refugees Making America Great The Wrong Way

Guess we don't...have...to care about refugees. (Don't have to care about refugees!)

Are U.S. Troops Using Banned White Phosphorus? It’s Just A Tiny War Crime.

Trump heard we were using WP munitions and didn't have a problem with White Power.

Marco Rubio Condemning Chechnya’s Torture Of Gay Men Is Actually Really Fucking Impressive

Marco Rubio did a good thing, everyone!
Man has got to have a code.

Filipino Donald Trump OK With Being Called ‘Hitler,’ As Long As He Slaughters The Right People

The President of the Philippines seems determined to apply Godwin's Law to himself.

Arkansas Will Not Be Squatted In!

Come, gather round ye heathens and lets us learn a little something today about Arkansas, shall we? Shut up, it won't kill you, it's not Texas. Okay, what do we know about this fair state? It brought us Wal-Mart,...

I Saw Mommy Kissing Barack Obama Under The Mistletoe Last Ramadan

Human Rights Watch is staffed by a bunch of dirty Plushophiliacs who break out the Jergens lotion every time Israel is attacked with pebbles and Estes rockets. Karl Rove is deeply concerned that America's impressionable youth will forget to...

Daily Briefing: Cultural Corruption