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Carter Page Says Sean Hannity Is The Edward R. Murrow Of His Wet Dreams

Good Night And Good Fucking Lord

ACTUALLY Ronald Reagan Was Racist AF

Go fuck yourself, Ghost Ronald Reagan!

Eric Bolling Demands $50 Million For … Sending Women Dick Pics, We Guess?

He better hope no one has screenshots.
What are we supposed to do with these finger puppets? What are 'fingers' anyway?

Wonkagenda: Friday, August 12, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
This fucking guy

World’s Great Memory Haver Donald Trump Not Sure If He Ever Met Vladimir Putin, Yeah, That’s The Ticket!

Republican nominee Donald Trump had the best weekend, y'all, simply yuuge. Not satisfied with merely smearing the grieving mother of a fallen American hero, Trump used a Sunday network show to flash his foreign policy chops and cement his reputation...

Hillary Is Lady President Of The World Now, And We Are Going Home

For real, we are getting in the car and going back to Memphis.
Nerd Fight! Nerd Fight!

Fox Lickspittle Jesse Watters And HuffPo Reporter Slapfight Over Srs Journalism

Fox News's insufferable little prick Jesse Watters got himself into a brief fuck-tussle with Huffpo reporter Ryan Grim Saturday night at the MSNBC afterparty following the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watters, best known now as Bill O'Reilly's smug underling...

California Dude Whips Out Snake In Restaurant. No, Like An Actual Non-Penis Snake

We talk a lot about Florida Man in this here news business, but our old friend California Man is also pretty impressive when it comes to crazy. So what's the latest in California Man's world? Oh, y'know. Just vengefully...

PETA Delivers Vegan Jerky, Smug Condescension To Oregon Doofbuckets

In a statement early Wednesday, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced they would be answering the mating call of the endangered Northwest Constitution-Humping Booby by bringing victuals to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is currently...
Obama's magazine cover JUST KIDDING LOL

Wingnut OUTRAGED Obama Gave Interview To Noted Gay Porn Site ‘Huffington Post’

  Big news: President Obama finally did an interview for a gay porn website! Which one, you might be wondering? Fratmen? No, silly, Barack Obama isn't a fratman, he is the president! Broke Straight Boys? Wrong again, Obama has enough...

Ferguson Police Chief Hallucinated Journalists Who Wanted Cigarillo Caper Tape

Ever have one of those weeks at work? Something goes wrong over the weekend when you weren't even there, the guy at the top blames you for it, and suddenly they're giving your job to some jerk you've never...
except when they're not invited

GOP Sure Is Great With The Ladies, Part Why Bother Counting? And Other News You Can Maybe Use

Just think ... somewhere in the world, it's already weekend o'clock. Boy, those Republicans, man. They sure know how to woo the womenfolk. Or at least the menfolk, which, let's face it, is really who matters: Back in March, organizers held...

Who Won Battleground Ferguson: Po-Po Or Journos? The Answer Will Amaze You!

  As the teargas wafts away from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, and the some of the members of the media covering the Mike Brown protests start to drift away to cover more pressing stories like the VMAs, let's take a...
bright lights

Ferguson PD Embraces Equality by Arresting Reporters of All Races

On Wednesday night, the police in Ferguson, Missouri, wanted everyone to clear out of the local McDonald's, which had turned into a makeshift media center with reporters charging their phones and using the wifi to file stories about the protests only...

Mike Huckabee To Save Internet With ‘Huckabee Post.’ ‘Journalists,’ Apply Now!

Hey, remember that fat white guy who lost weight and now wants to put the 'white' back in White House? No, not the one what closes bridges because of petty political bickering -- the other GOP white guy, the...

Hey Reddit /R/Politics Refugees, Have You Considered Annexing Wonkville?

Do you know Reddit? It is this thing. It is a glorious place of Internet freedom where users ("Redditors") post stories they have found from other places, and then other users ("Redditors") vote up and down on whether it...