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GOP Pretty Sure Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is Russian Conspiracy To Make Us Believe In Trump-Russia Conspiracy

This post is VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT, therefore please read it RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

House Judiciary Committee Demands To Know Why Hillary Clinton Fired James Comey

Just another day at the Congressional sausage factory.

The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is Getting Weird, Y’all. A HOLY SHIT Investigation Into WHAT THE FUCK?

What's the connection between Donald Trump Jr., Marc Kasowitz, Preet Bharara, and a METRIC FUCKTON of Russians? Let's get out our Glenn Beck whiteboard!

FBI Director James Comey Tells Donald Trump To Shut His Lying Orange Yap-Hole

Oh look, another mountain of bullshit from the Trump White House!
Nothing to see here, g'wan, get him outta here. Get him out!

New York Attorney General Somehow Under Impression Trump Foundation Might Be Kind Of Fishy

New York A.G. Eric Schneiderman is investigating the Trump Foundation just because it may have engaged in some illegal donations. How is that even fair?
Yep, she's worried. Look at the fear in her eyes.

House GOP Wants To Investigate Hillary’s Emails, Because That’s Gone So Well In The Past

Ooh, ooh! Maybe they could investigate Benghazi some more while they're at it!

Congresslady Calling Ignorant Bigot An ‘Ignorant Bigot’ Is Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Gather round, ye Wonkers, for we have another TKO smackdown to share with you!
Of course, in the REAL Old West, lawmen often confiscated your guns while you were in town

NRA Goon Challenges Obama To Friendly Shooting Match About Guns

A week after pussing out on the chance to show up at CNN's "town hall" discussion of guns, where President Obama cruelly taunted them for bravely running away, the National Rifle Associated has issued its own challenge to debate...
"Screw you, kid"

Republican Congressjerk Wants To Save The Babies, Then Let ‘Em Starve

Oooh, happy fun times on Capitol Hill, because congressional Republicans are having a hearing. Much HAWT, many seXXXy. What're they officially hearing about? Oh, just how Planned Parenthood is straight-to-jail GUILTY of being Planned Parenthood. It is called "Planned...
Get out of that state, get out of that state you're in. You better beware...

Sure, Idaho, Child Support Bill Will Lead To Sharia Law. What? No, You’re Not Crazy At All

The Idaho Legislature's 2015 session came to an exciting end Friday with a small group of nutjob Republicans killing off a bill to enforce child support judgments so Idaho wouldn't have to fear living under the yoke of radical...
Finally, some nice clean refugees!

Republicans Finally Find Oppressed Refugees Worthy Of Asylum. It’s ‘People Who Homeschool’

You might remember the plight of those poor German homeschoolers who applied for asylum in the USA after the oppressive German government wouldn't let them teach their kids about Jebus and his pet dinosaur. They really had it rough,...

Louie Gohmert So Mad Al Gore And The Cable Companies Are Conspiring Against Glenn Beck

There are many, many, many reasons to dislike the Comcast-Time Warner merger, but Rep. Louie Gohmert has found one that never would have occurred to us: Comcast has been conspiring to keep Glenn Beck’s network The Blaze out of...

GOP Rep. Goodlatte Knows Where The Jobs Are (They Are In Your Uterus)

Hey, kids, it's January (really, we checked the Google), so you know what that means, right? Time for Republicans to make their annual attempt to pass a "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion" bill. But wait, you are saying to...

DEFIANT Karl Rove DEFIES Subpeona Again

John Conyers recently issued a subpeona requiring Karl Rove to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to talk about that whole attorney-firing scandal thing, and of course Karl Rove did not show up because what is he, a private...