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BANNON, BANNON, BANNON! Wonkagenda For Thurs., Jan. 4, 2018

The lovers' quarrel between Bannon and Trump gets brutal, Trump gets ready to drill, baby, drill, and Ellen DeGeneres invites Eric Trump to her big, gay agenda.

Trump Bitches At Gold Star Families. Again. Wonkagenda for Oct. 23, 2017

Trump insults Gold Star families (again), Republicans are shoving the Trump Taxes down our throats, and John McCain insults rich draft dodgers with foot problems. Your morning news brief.

Ryan Zinke Wants To Kill All The Cute Critters. Wonkagenda For Fri., Aug. 25, 2017

Ryan Zinke wants to open up national monuments, Trump wants to shut down the government, and MORE Texas gerrymandering. Your morning news brief!

Karen Handel Sucks. Wonkagenda For Tues., June 20, 2017

Dem's are talking until they're blue in the face, Karen Handel is a very bad person, and Pharma-Bro is back! Your morning news brief!

London Having Fucking TERRIBLE Year. Wonkagenda For Mon., June 19, 2017

Trump's lawyer thinks you should ignore his tweets, John Ossoff's race is getting dirty, and Megyn Kelly is MEAN to Alex Jones. Your morning news brief!

Yes, Trump’s HHS Pick Tom Price Is Grifty, But He’s Also A Whackjob. Win-Win!

This Tom Price guy is a real piece of work. Let's put him in charge of the nation's health care!

Michael Jordan Would Like To Have A Word With You People About Police Violence

Michael Jordan is a very big superstar important person! Will this help change the conversation?

Was This Man Orlando Mass Shooter Omar Mateen’s Gay Latino Lover? Maybe!

There's a lot of 'allegedly' in this story, but boy oh boy, if this is true.

Chill American Family Association Dudes Just Want The Gays To Stop Banging *For Their Health*

This is a purely health-related concern, from some very health conscious dudes.

Sexxxy Barack Obama Throatcramming America With Gayness. Again!

You know he's only issuing gay pride proclamations because he's a secret cocaine hooker.

Totally Reasonable John Kasich Guts Planned Parenthood In Totally Moderate Way

And then there were five. Jeb! is gone, along with a passel of other folks who were as awful as the remaining GOPers but just didn't have the staying power or requisite level of insanity. Although we all know by...

Idiot Gov. Paul LePage Doesn’t Want Refugees Spreading The ‘Ziki Fly’ All Over Maine

Everyone hates Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Literally everyone on the planet. There are as-yet undiscovered tribes living in the deepest parts of the Amazon, and the first thing they're going to say when some intrepid anthropologist first makes contact...
The monument is 6 feet high, so that man and buggy must be HUGE

Oklahoma Has Cunning, Wildly Unconstitutional Plan To Keep The Gays From Marrying

What's an Oklahoman to do after the mean nasty libturd Supreme Court declared marriage equality the law of the land, full stop, no takesies backsies in 2015? Why, make it illegal for anyone with an STI to get married,...

Kirk Cameron’s Moron Sister Promises No Gay-Bashing On New ‘Fuller House’ Show

If you are anything like All Patriotic Americans, you are at least morbidly curious to see what Netflix's new "Fuller House" re-up revival teevee program will be like. They are all growned-up now, and DJ Tanner (AKA Candace Cameron...

To Save Babies, Texas Murders HIV Funding At Planned Parenthood

It's been a good five or ten minutes since we checked in on the government in Texas to see what horrible things they are inflicting upon their own populace. What is it this time? Building a tiny border fence...
What's science got to do with medicine?

The Snake Oil Bulletin: How To Detect The Gay, With Science

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all our sinners, saints, and lawyers in between. This week on the Snake Oil Bulletin we decided to take a break from kid bleachers and their ilk to examine some good old fashioned pseudoscientifical...