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And Now We Dance!

Dance away from Trump's 'hugs,' like Hillary did in this debate prep clip! And let's all relax and OPEN THREAD until morning!

Who Run The World? Girls Named Hillary Apparently. Your Wednesday Wonkette Dance Party

Oh hey, Wonketticia, how you doin'? You ready for your Wednesday Wonkette Dance Party, which we will be dedicating this week to one Hillary Clinton, who pretty much did a clean sweep in Tuesday's Super "Toosday" primaries? WELL GOOD....

Here’s Bernie Sanders On The Ellen Show, Talkin’ About Handcuffs And Tight Panties

Oh look, Bernie Sanders has a softer side! He's not all GRRRRR! free college and AAAAAARGH! murder Wall Street all the time. Sen. Sanders stopped by the Ellen show, probably because he was still in the neighborhood after Tuesday's...
Of course Mama June is in it too.

Heal Your Broken Soul With The Soothing Sounds Of Honey Boo Boo’s New Single

It's been a week, all right. Carly Fiorina has shown us that she is the CEO of Lying, about Planned Parenthood, about gay marriage, and also about Planned Parenthood some more. Pope Francis has been doing whiplash to our hearts, as...
Stanky Leg

Here’s Your Video Of Hillary Clinton Twerking Like She’s Miley Cyrus Or Something

OK that headline may be overselling this a little bit. Hillary Clinton is 67, and she is a white grandma lady, so we can forgive her for not having the moves of a Beyoncé or a Michelle Obama. But she's trying! Hillary went on...