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What Bad Dudes Are We Deporting Today? Dads And DREAMers, Of Course

More dispatches from the New Cruelty
This AR-15 has a dream, too

Hillary Clinton Gonna Ban Your Assault Weapons, Which Don’t Exist And Must Be Protected

Hillary Clinton has renewed her call for a federal ban on military-style weapons, and now we all get to argue forever over what an 'assault rifle' is and why everyone needs one, for freedom.
See what happens when you read about poor people?

Texas Mom Drops Challenge To Super Sexy ‘Marxist’ Book About Poors

Remember how some parents in one of Texas's richest school districts were complaining that a book about poor people was being taught in an advanced placement English class? The parents were upset because David K. Shipler's The Working Poor: Invisible in America...
You can't go wrong with the classics

Rich Texas Parents: Reading Ayn Rand In School Will Fix All The Poverty

Oh, Texas. This is so very you: A book about poverty is again being challenged in Highland Park ISD, one of the wealthiest school districts in the state. Seems that some parents are worried that The Working Poor: Invisible in America,...