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Never Forget

Rick Santorum Should Try Calling Donald Trump An Asshole If He Wants Any Attention

Nobody is paying any attention to Rick Santorum, who is also a Republican presidential candidate, you know. Sure, an unpopular second-tier one, but still! He is running for president again, look at him, look at him, LOOK AT HIM...
Like so many movies, most of Jones's ideas are bad adaptations of science fiction

Alex Jones: I’m No Homophobe, It’s Just That UN Is Using Gays To Kill Off Humanity

One-man conspiracy theory clearinghouse Alex Jones wants you to know that he doesn't care what you people are doing in your bedrooms. He thinks that all the foofaraw over same-sex marriage is a mere distraction from the real threats...
It's a book. For kids. Shut up.

Oh Great, Now Obama Wants Poor Kids To Read Books, Will This White House Ever Stop?

Look what the Tyrant Obama is up to now! He's got some half-cocked idea that poor kids should be able to read books, FOR FREE, instead of paying their fair share. So he's announcing a program Thursday to give...