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REMINDER: Doctors Examining Trump’s Shithole Today At Walter Reed

BAD NEWS, AMERICA: They're not checking his brain.

Let’s Imagine: Jill Stein Treats Trump’s Physician Dr. Harold Bornstein

Dr. Jill Stein ascended the rope ladder to her secret medical tree house, where she practiced secret medicine. Hand over hand, clog over sensible clog, she climbed. Finally, after moving in some more ways that would be boring to describe, she was...
winner winner chicken dicker

Donald Trump’s Physician Says Trump Will Be The Classiest Healthiest President Ever

You have to figure that if you are Donald Trump, you probably want to surround yourself with people that are pretty much exactly like you. Boisterous bullyboys with the only the loosest relationship with the truth. Hyperbole-fueled nightmare demons...