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Appeaser Obamas Meet With Former Nazi

What enemy of America is Nobama meeting now? Oh, just former Nazi Youth and New World Order socialist Joseph Ratzinger, Italy's latest "bad pope." How lousy is this pope? He even let Chicago Muslin lady Michelle Obama inside His...

FOX NEWS COLUMNIST TAKES A STAND, AGAINST SATAN, AND THE COMMENTS ARE HILARIOUS: Some dildo asks, "Could Lucifer play a role in this presidential election?" And then he provides ... well, so much material for these libtard commenters.

Sexy Satanist Southern Democrat Couple Accused Of Rape, Satanism

Meet local Democratic leader Joy Johnson, of Durham, N.C. -- she's (allegedly) a crazy Satanist! Johnson and her younger husband, Joseph Craig, have been charged with a variety of rape and torture and kidnapping crimes, all because of "a...

Wait, People Are Quoting Petraeus Now?