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Memphis Tells Tennessee Lege To Fuck Off In Most DELIGHTFUL Way

We are being punished for being BAD BOYS AND GIRLS when we took down all the Confederate Traitor Loser statues. Don't worry, we'll survive.

Please Send Wonkette To The #Teens’ March For Our Lives, Because I Really Fucking Want To Go


Oh No, Roy Moore Lured James O’Keefe Onto This Dildo Lube Boat!

You don't actually have to do good work to make big bucks as a rightwing provocateur.

On Second Thought, Maybe Donald Trump Shouldn’t Call The Families Of The Fallen

If this is all Trump's got, perhaps he should just never open his mouth.

GOP: How Can Companies Offer You Good Deals If They Don’t Know What Porn You Like?

Who wouldn't be willing to give up a little privacy in order to get better ads?

Genius Texas Hunters Shoot Each Other, Blame Invisible Mexicans, As One Does. Your Open Thread!

Somebody needs to build a wall in Texas. Around idiot paranoid gun-humpers.

After Texas Mosque Burns Down, Local Jews Offer Synagogue, Because Decent People Do That

Mr. Rogers said to look for the helpers. Found some!

Donald Trump Knows Somebody’s Doing The Firebombing, And It Is Animal Democrats

When a GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed, Democrats and everybody else came together to help them rebuild.
We dunno.

Bigots Joining Together To Preemptively Discriminate Against Yucky Homosexuals

This time, it's an evangelical lady in Colorado who doesn't want to build websites for gross queer weddings.
Sorry not sorry, Kentucky

Jesus-Loving Calligraphy Bigots Ordered To Make Wedding Invitations For Gross Gaywads

This is just like getting eated by lions probably.
Cats with guns regret nothing.

Florida Man Sorry He Killed Son, But Just Can’t Stay Mad At His Beautiful Guns

A Florida father who shot his 14-year-old son to death in a freak accident is still pretty gung-ho on guns. He doesn't sound like a fanatic, after all.

Look At These Amazing People Standing Up For Orlando. Look At Them.

Click this, it will make you feel better.

Maybe Don’t Stiff Your Server Because You’re Mad About Apartheid

What reason is someone using to avoid having to tip now? Oh, Apartheid? Well, that's a new one. Cool. An Oxford University student named Ntokozo Qwabe created something of a viral storm after celebrating his friend's shitty treatment of...

Freedom Loving Tween Band Wants To Raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS To Send Anti-Trump Celebs To Canada

The USA Freedom Kids want to send Jon Stewart and Cher to Canadia.

Christian Innkeepers Eated By Homosexual Lions, How Unfortunate

Oh no, are we saying there has been a literal attack in Illinois where a troupe of campy gay lions ate some innocent Christian innkeepers to death? No, but that would be quite a story! But you just know...

Sarah Palin Needs Gas Money You Guys

Hello Iowa grannies, can y'all reach into your Medicare check and help Sister Sarah Palin out? Because she would like some gas money for how to go vroom in big bus zoom zoom moosefarts Iowa Trump you betcha, and...