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London Having Fucking TERRIBLE Year. Wonkagenda For Mon., June 19, 2017

Trump's lawyer thinks you should ignore his tweets, John Ossoff's race is getting dirty, and Megyn Kelly is MEAN to Alex Jones. Your morning news brief!
Hmm, yeah, still not funny

Democrats Betray Obama On Trade Deal, Guess He’s Done Being President Now

Looks like President Barry H. Bamz is officially in lame duck season, because on Friday, House Democrats stabbed him right in the back -- they also betrayed, rejected, revolted, and rebelled! -- blocking a bill to allow him to...

Ich Bin Ein Swarthy Voodoo Doll

Here's a doll of "Onkle Barack," as crafted by a renowned artisan from Nazi Germany. It only costs 139 Euros, which is like 200 or 300 Ameros, so you all can buy it and sleep with it because...