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ryan c, man's pocket Constitution says this is some bullshit, man.

Surprise! Ryan Bundy Goes Full Sovereign Citizen, Declares Self ‘Idiot’ Not Subject To Your Damn Laws

Oregon wildlife refuge occupier Ryan Bundy filed a bunch of nonsense legal paperwork declaring himself a 'sovereign citizen' who is not subject to the law. Oddly enough , he remains in jail.

Florida Judge LOLs At Sovereign Citizen Idiot

David Hall, a Sovereign Florida Man who got his day in court back in December 2014, has for some reason been rediscovered by the Internet in the last week, after video of his appearance before Broward County Judge John...

Sarah Palin Takes Twitter Gibberish To Whole New Level

If you're wondering how many people will retweet absolutely anything Palin writes within an hour of it going up, the answer is forty.

Sarah Palin Tweets More Hieroglyphs

TERM HAS BEEN HIJACKED! But who hijacked term? "Feminist"? Possibly. Furthermore, how can a sound, such as a cackle, want something? How can a sound have expectations? How can a sound perform a crucifixion? These are the questions our...