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Chicago Tribune: Let Gays Eat Those Swastika Cakes We Like

Say what you will about the Chicago Tribune ed board, Donnie, at least it's an ethos.

Joe Walsh Only Fingering His ‘Musket’ Because Thomas Jefferson Told Him To

Sometimes a call to arms is not a call to arms. Or maybe it is.
Not the actual cake that was ordered.

‘Christian’ Baker Says God Told Her Lesbians Aren’t Allowed To Have Birthday Cakes Either

The ranks of Good Christians who refuse to serve gay people are expanding, as an Ohio baker has decided that God won't let her bake a BIRTHDAY cake for a lesbian -- who she looked up on Facebook before cancelling the order.

The Stupidest Man On The Internet’s History Of Stupid Gay Stories: A Stupid Review

Rightwing blogger Jim Hoft came out Monday as a gay homosexual, and we decided to look at the careful line he walked: Condemning Islamic crimes against gays, while neither clearly supporting nor condemning gay rights in America.

Pat Boone Is Butthurt For God

Pat Boone, one of the stars of the insufferable Christian agitprop movie God's Not Dead II: He's Pining For The Fjords, is very displeased with those anti-God ruffians at Saturday Night Live for mocking his movie. Mind you, it's...
P.S.: I am not a crank

Deleted Comments Of The Week: ‘The Cookie Jar Is Human Organ Trafficking’

It was a rather dry week for deleted comments -- yes, there was plenty of raving, but only a few of our visiting wingnuts said anything worth quoting. Step up your game, crazies -- make it memorable, will you?...
It's a beautiful gesture of love, accompanied by a really bad movie

Greedy Gay-Hatin’ Bakers Pocket Sweet Bigot Bucks, Tell Court To Suck Frosting

Last we'd heard, those poor oppressed Christian bakers in Oregon were literally running for their persecuted lives, stopping only briefly to send cake-flavored care packages to LGBT groups to let them know they're going to burn in hell for...
The most important sacrament is refusing to bake cakes for gays. Religion fact.

America’s Gay-Hating Cake Bakers Would Like To Be Pen Pals With Cake Bigots In Northern Ireland

The owners of Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland, victims of the growing international menace of gay cake-eaters, might be feeling a little discouraged this week after nearly a year of legal wrangling ended with a Belfast court fining them for the "gay cake...

Bryan Fischer Will Root All Queers Out Of Wingnut ‘News’ Websites

Bryan Fischer's butthole is in an extra-twitchy state (not the Michelle Malkin kind of twitchy; or wait, come to think of it, yes the Malkin kind), as he is feeling BETRAYED! You see, one of the wingnut websites he likes, Townhall.com,...
Try to get yer gay marriage past this, motherfucker, PEW PEW PEW!

Texas Rep Lady Ain’t About To Let No Full-Of-Itself ‘Supreme Court’ Gay Marry Texas

If Texas state Rep. Molly White gets her way, newly minted Texas GOP chair Tom Mechler won't have to worry about homos kissin' in the newspaper or any of that other gay stuff, for Molly has A Solution, and as you...
Scootaloo is a skateboard punk rocker. Let's hope she ends up saner than Michelle Shocked.

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Let A Wingnut Explain Free Speach To You Leftists

Here's a heck of a thing: our comments queue overfloweth! We have been blessed with any number of very important comments from very serious people who are going to set us straight on a few things. For instance, there's...