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Zombie TrumpCare Dies Again! Wonkagenda for Tues., July 18, 2017

TrumpCare fails again, the House moves on to money, and Trump screams at Chris Christie. Your morning news brief.

Your Pictures Of Grumpy Old Fossils Stomping Around Chicago For Earth Day Science March! (We Mean That With Love)

Thousands of science nerds in Chicago emerge to yell and scream about books and learning.

Twitter Won’t Unmask Rogue ‘Alt-Gov’ Accounts To Help Trump, Is That Even Legal?

Government attempt to unmask Twitter user gets a Fail Whale.

THE RESISTANCE BEGINS … With All These National Park Service Social Media Managers GONE ROGUE!

Nice Time: Your public servants aren't taking kindly to this censorship stuff.
We thought we were the honorable ones

Shocked By Sudden Lack Of Ethics At Breitbart, Gal Reporter And Boy Idiot Resign

In surprising news Sunday night, Breitbart "News" (that still cracks us up) reporter Michelle Fields and sphincter-at-large Ben Shapiro said they are leaving the august bastion of rightwing journalism. Following the alleged assault of Fields by Donald Trump's campaign...
Oh, never mind: It says 'Made in USA'

U.S. Found Chemical Weapons In Iraq, All Right (The Ones We Gave Saddam)

The New York Times has a huge Pulitzer-bait story by C.J. Chivers about injuries to U.S. military forces from old, unstable chemical weapons in Iraq, and how the Bush administration and the Pentagon covered it all up. It's big, it's a...

Gag Reflex: Big Gas Tries To Get Kids To Shut The Frack Up

Do not be outraged by this story of a Pennsylvania family whose settlement with Range Resources, the fracking company that (allegedly) "contaminated their water supply and caused burning eyes, sore throats and headaches," includes a lifetime gag order on...