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Ivanka Seeking New Babysitter For Daddy, Because John Kelly Is Jerk President

No, Kelly isn't fired. YET.

Dumb Old President Loser-Dick Hates Everything, Wishes It Was DEAD!

Sad old goat is probably locked in his room, blaring Elliott Smith to drown out all the TEARS. Now it is your OPEN THREAD!

If Fox News Isn’t ‘Fair & Balanced’ Anymore, Does That Mean God Is Dead Too?

What would be the new slogan for Fox News? Click to help us decide! And also to OPEN THREAD!

Fox News President Forced Out, Sean Hannity Meltdown To Commence In 5, 4, 3, 2 …


Bill O’Reilly Going On Vacation At Big Happy Farm Where He Can Run And Play

Did he need a vacay after covering the Falklands?

Gretchen Carlson Gets $20 Million From Fox, Untold Number Of Silkwood Showers

That's only half of what Rupert Murdoch gave Ailes in his severance package, but LA LA LA GUESS THAT DOESN'T MATTER.

Roger Ailes Is Bigger, More Disgusting Sex Perv Than You Ever Could Have Imagined (Allegedly?)

What's grosser than gross? Roger Ailes.
Go nuts

Fox News Sent A Spy Lady Out On Dates With Reporters, Like An Old-Timey Honeypot

Gross old Roger Ailes ran a dating service, only it was actually more like a spy ring. Our lack of surprise is palpable.

Roger Ailes Slimed All Over Andrea Tantaros And Her Bikini

It was Roger Ailes, in the study, with his hamburger meatballs.

Report: Fox News’s Roger Ailes To Get Sh*tcanned For Being Gross Pig

New York Mag has a scoop, you guys, and Wonkette is here to aggregate it at ya! Gabriel Sherman, longtime Fox watcher so you don't have to, says Rupert Murdoch (gross) agrees with his sons that it is time...

Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson Allegedly Fired For Refusing To Bang Roger Ailes On His Penis

Carlson shockingly alleges in a lawsuit that Fox News is a really sexist, bad place for women. Who knew???

Stephen Colbert Lets Lefty ‘Journalist’ Crap All Over Fox Hero Roger Ailes

In his Wednesday interview with Gabriel Sherman, Stephen Colbert got the author of The Loudest Voice in the Room, the new biography of Fox News head Roger Ailes to admit that his book is carefully researched, based on a...

Politico Reveals Shocking Hillary Clinton Secret: A Lean Mean Excel Spreadsheet

As the day winds down, you were probably thinking "man, I really wish I could read one million words by some guys over at Politico pimping a new book, but only if they really hype it with an over-the-top...