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Reince Priebus Just Can’t Stop Whining About The Fake News Lying Enemy Press!

The media is being so very unkind to the Trump regime!

Loco Kellyanne Conway Is Melting Into A Puddle Of Sleepless Nights And Infected Fingernails

The Trump administration is bleeding from its wherevers, and it's the lamestream media's fault.

CIA Director Gently Implying FBI Ratf*cked Election For Trump

John Brennan did not say a thing! Why would we even suggest that?
Couldn't handle any more intelligence than he has now

Donald Trump’s Gigantic Brain Doesn’t Need Intelligence

Donald Trump doesn't need intelligence briefings, since it's all just the same blah blah blah all the time, and he has rallies to hold.
Oh, just go fuck yourself.

Was The Clinton Campaign Hack A Secret Ménage à Trois Between Trump, Putin, and Julian Assange? Yeah Probs

The budding bro-mance in cyberspace of three unlikely idiots with an inferiority complex.
there's that appleheaded vagina mouth we love so much

Donald Trump Thinks Gays Are Just Terrific, Unless He Doesn’t. Who Even Knows?

Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump believes even half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Now if your hand is raised, use it to slap yourself in the face and ask yourself why you...
It's not lying. Carly just believes we're in a post-truth era.

Carly Fiorina Admits She Was Wrong, Which Proves She Was Right, So There

This might be a first: Carly Fiorina admitted she was wrong about something! Not as wrong as she actually was, but it's a start. On Fox News Sunday, Fiorina admitted she was actually incorrect in saying General Jack Keane,...

Here Are Some Terrific Republican Ideas For Defeating Terrorism

President Obama addressed a pants-sharting nation Sunday night, reassuring the countryfolk that in the wake of the awful San Bernardino terrorist attack/mass shooting, he will beat up ISIS, and no, you do not have to panic. And Republicans said, "You're right,...

Carly Fiorina Lying Fresh New Lies About Planned Parenthood Because Of Course

Carly Fiorina, remember when she was Hot Stuff? Not so much these days. However, as she is still technically a presidential candidate, and the Constitution requires 103 percent of all Sunday morning blah blah talk show guests to be...

Marco Rubio: Shame About Terrorist Attacks In Paris, At Least It’s Good News For Me!

Who couldn't use a little pick-me-up nice time news right about now? Oh, everyone? Great! Here is Sen. Marco Rubio, to cheer you up, with his glass-half-full perspective on the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month: Let me just say, I obviously am...

Carly Fiorina: Sure, I’m A Liar, But Argle Bargle Liberal Media Grrr Argh

GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina just loves her juicy fibs. Bill Clinton's wife has never been criticized for her appearance for basically all of the last 25 years. She WATCHED THE VIDEO! of Planned Parenthood doing bad things that she could not have...

Carly Fiorina Wants To Know Why She’s The Only Chick Who Gets Sexismed

Carly Fiorina's 15 minutes sure went by fast, didn't they? One minute she was nobody, the next minute she was that pathological liar who'd spouted a whole bunch of demonstrably untrue horsecrap about Planned Parenthood during the Republican debate...

Speaker Paul Ryan Damn Sure He’s The Only American Who Deserves Weekends

In case you were wondering how long it would take newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to remind everyone he's still a standard-issue Republican dick, the answer is: Haha, dummy, did it break your brain when you fell off...

Carly Fiorina Is Lying, And Everyone Knows It. Even Fox News.

Carly Fiorina made "pro-lifers" across America all tingly in their privates during last week's Republican presidential debate, when she insisted she had seen, in the debunked and manipulated "sting" videos of Planned Parenthood, "a fully formed fetus on the...
At the McClean (Virginia) of Madness

Dick Cheney Is Bombing Iran Right Now, In His ‘Heart’

In an alternate universe that, thank the maker, exists only in the fevered imagination of Dark Lord Dick, wherein a majority of Americans democratically elected Cheney (or his sockpuppet George, whatever), we are preparing to shock-n-awe Iran right ......