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We’ve Seen Trump’s Education Budget, And We’re Really Gonna Miss Public Schools

Huh. Guess we don't need no education, for reals.
Just as long as you don't major in philosophy.

Barack Obama Insults Veterans By Helping Them Go To College

Darn that elitist Barack Obama -- not only does he want to inflict higher education on all young people, he also wants to make it more available to veterans. Which is why he announced Wednesday, on Armistice Day and...

California A.G. Kamala Harris Will Sue Your Worthless Made-Up For-Profit College Out Of Existence We Hope

From the Department of It Is About Damn Time, avenging force of nature California Attorney General Kamala Harris has dropped the hammer on one o' those for profit colleges that is really nothing but a scammity-scam-scam. What bad things...