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Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ Receives Critical Endorsement From Fat Joe

"Why hello, 2004, we had almost (thankfully) forgotten about you," was our first reaction to the news that Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign has a new "celebrity" champion in Joseph Antonio "Fat Joe" Cartagena, who at one point made a...

The Tim James Campaign Ad Tradition Lives On

Remember sense-making Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim "son of Fob" James, who won America's heart -- if not enough Alabaman votes -- by shuffling around in some big ol' house, muttering crap about English-only driving tests? James must have forgotten...

Michelle Obama Releases New Exercise Program Called ‘Obamarcise’

While Real American first lady Sarah Palin spent yesterday boarding up her windows with plywood to keep her terrible new spy-journalist neighbor from lookin' in, America's elected toned-arms lady Michelle Obama ran around the White House's South Lawn hopping...

Richard Simmons Freaks Out, In Congress

Here's a nice video from The Hill newspaper that shows fitness creep Richard Simmons annoying Capitol Hill for several hours yesterday. He testifies to a House committee about No Child Left Behind destroying public schools' physical education programs, and...

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