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Dumb Stupid Devin Nunes Memo Makes One Guy Look REAL BAD, And That Guy Is Donald Trump!

Nobody ever accused Devin Nunes of being smart.

Trump’s Backdoor Action. Gross. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 20, 2017

Robert Mueller is building something big, the FCC is killing net neutrality and the Lifeline, and drunk Floridians! Your morning news brief!

Al Franken Super Sorry For Shitty Joke. Wonkagenda For Fri., Nov. 17, 2017

Everyone is pissseed at Al Franken, Democrats get high hopes, AND MORE!

Trump Judge Pick Doesn’t Want To Give Impression He’s Some Kind Of Faggot

This racist birther freak DEFINITELY deserves a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

White House Worried Dems Will Do ‘Obstruction’ On Judicial Nominees. Here’s Hoping!

Democrats obstructing Donald Trump's judicial nominees? Now there's an idea we can get behind.

Democrats Filibuster Gorsuch, Hooray! Also, Senate Doomed, So There’s That.

We never liked his mama, either.

Dems Stop Being Pussies For Five Minutes, Promise To Dickslap This Neil Gorsuch Douche

Can't very well NOT oppose this corporate tool.
Not nearly as stupid as everything he says

Let’s Watch Neil Gorsuch Speak Softly And Call Ted Cruz A Huge Dick

In which we say One Nice Thing about Neil Gorsuch. Also, this is your open thread!
What does that even mean? I give you my chin?

How Many Justices On The Supreme Court? Eight. For The Next Four Years.

Eight justices today. Eight justices tomorrow. Eight justices FOR EVER.

Scott Walker’s Favorite Queer-Hatin’ Judge Will Hate Queers On Wisconsin Supreme Court

<a href="http://wonkette.com/599386/scott-walkers-favorite-judge-was-a-real-queer-hatin-hoot-in-college"></a>Failed presidential candidate Scott Walker had a GREAT night in Wisconsin last night! First of all, his new BFF Ted Cruz won the Republican primary. But EVEN BETTER, remember how we told you about Rebecca Bradley, the judge...

Scott Walker’s Favorite Judge Was A Real Queer-Hatin’ Hoot In College

If you're a fan of those sorts of blog posts where we talk a whole bunch of malarkey about somebody, and then at the end say, "She seems nice!" then you are in luck! Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R-Loser)...

Federalist Society 2014: Conservalawyers Throw Constitution Terrible Party

If you were in the nation's capital over the weekend, you might have sensed a certain something in the air. Beyond DC's typical ambient pomposity, there was an extra whiff of self-satisfied libertarianism and an elevated concentration of unironic bowties in the area...
The politically correct war on dorks continues

Derp Roundup: Science Man Wears Tacky Sexist Shirt, Twitter Has Thoughts

Welcome to Derp Update, your occasional feature where we purge our browsers of stories that didn't quite merit a whole post, but were too remarkably stupid to ignore altogether. Fear that your brain cells may be harmed by exposure...

Extra! Extra! Clarence Thomas Was Black Panther Paperboy!

Once a year the Federalist Society has a dinner in Washington DC. It is a dinner for lawyers. This year they promised an appearance by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I wondered what he might have to say as their featured guest; I...

Gossip Roundup: Tennis, Anyone?

Daily Briefing: Rove Rebounds