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Congress Frees Big Banks From Regulations That Kept Them Only Obscenely Profitable

Don't be ridiculous. There are no icebergs in these waters.
["Price is Right" losing horn SFX]

Senate Prepares To Help ‘Small Banks’ Just Like Republican Tax Cuts Helped ‘Middle Class’

Probably no chance that anyone will point back at this and say 'I told you that was a bad idea!'

Oklahoma Patriot Arrested Trying To Bomb A Bank, To Save America From American Government

Another Patriot fails to bring about the new American Revolution.

God Instructs Idaho Prepper And End-Times Prophet To Launch Pointless Bid For Congress

Now here's a guy who can pass any religious test you want. Also it's YOUR OPEN THREAD.

Paul Manafort: Oh You Mean THOSE Ukrainian Payments! Wonkagenda For Thurs., April 13, 2017

Trump changes his mind on EVERYTHING (again), Russia hates EVERYONE (again), and Mar-a-Lago might make you sick and poor! Your morning news brief!
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Did Trump And Wells Fargo Draw Each Other For Secret Santa???

Oh guess who owes crimey Wells Fargo hundreds of millions of dollars, hint it is Donald Trump!

John Bolton Wants To Pick A Fight! Wonkagenda for Thursday, December, 15, 2016

Trump scares weapons merchants, John Bolton scares everybody, and Alex Jones learns about "The Streisand Effect". Your daily news brief!

Donald Trump’s Cabinet of Sadness. Wonkagenda for Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump's stuffs his cabinet with spoiled goods, North Carolina is counting its votes AGAIN, and Russia is shoving its missiles wherever it wants. Your daily news brief!

Harriet Tubman To Grace New $20 Bill, Because Suck It Andrew Jackson

Remember that GOP debate yea however many moons ago, when all the millionteen candidates were asked what American lady they thought would be real sexy for the $10 bill? It was pathetic! They all copied each other and said...
Good For Your Business

Whole Foods’ Gamble: Will In-Store Tattoo Parlors Attract Enough Insufferable Millennials?

Another week and another chance to celebrate the accomplishments and examine the needless suffering of our favorite Corporate Persons. Thanks for fighting our stupid wars, millennials. Here's another tattoo parlor Are you interested in a tattoo like some common Rock and...
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Walmart Has To Pay $31 Million For Retaliation-Firing An Employee, Hooray!

There needs to be a special term for schadenfreude where Walmart is concerned. Sure, we love to see bad things happen to most big companies, but seeing Walmart taken to task for its heinous treatment of employees is satisfying...
And Glenn Beck isn't even governor!

Texas To Build Very Own Gold Stash Inside Giant 20-Acre Mattress

Texas is pretty busy checking off items on its rightwing-obsession bucket list. It's got open carry for handguns, voter ID to keep the Wrong People from voting, it's aggressively not regulating chemical plants, and since you never know when the...

Unemployment Rate Falls To 7 Percent, Proving We Must Repeal Obamacare

Folks, it's time to face facts. Obama's plan to destroy the economy has failed. We had high hopes after the first 14 months of Obama's first term, as we reveled in the negative jobs numbers that kept rolling in...

Janet Yellen To Be First Woman To Lead Shadowy Cabal Of Central Bankers, Jews At Insidious ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’

Here's some gubmint news that has NOTHING to do with the SHUTDOWN SLIMDOWN!!1! Breaking the unwritten rule that during a shutdown all news must be related to how the opposition is ruining America, Our Guiding Star of Socialist Dictatorship,...

Michele Bachmann Is Either Crazy Stupid Or Stupid Crazy Or Both

We sure will miss Michele Bachmann, Empress of Crazytown, when she leaves the House of Representatives to more intimately torture the people of Minnesota on a daily basis. But until she leaves, she is determined to utter every nonsensical...

Federal Reserve Thought Housing Crisis Was Funny in 2006

The transcripts for the Federal Reserve's 2006 meetings were released this week, and with them comes the news that the people in charge thought that the housing crisis was pretty hilarious at the time, and that the biggest problem...