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Jerk Sheriff Joe Arpaio GUILTY Of Being A Convicted Jailbird Crimer Doing Crimes!

'America's Toughest Sheriff' may be headed for a federal prison, where he can expect better treatment than at his own jail.
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Federal Judge: Texas Voter ID Law Was Racist As Hell, Y’all

It's the fifth judicial loss for Texas's awful voter ID law. Maybe Justice Gorsuch will decide discrimination isn't really discriminatory.

Judge Orders Trump To Bring Deported Iranian Man Back To U.S., Be His Butler

Good news! A judge has ordered the government to fetch back an Iranian traveler it illegally deported. But there's a catch.

Federal Court Won’t Let North Carolina’s Racially Gerrymandered Districts Stand, Man

Looks like there might be a down side to Republicans running wild with power. Who knew?

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Native Americans, The DC Court Gave You This Pipeline!

Hell of a way to mark Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Good Guys win for a change!

Nice Time! Obama Administration Cavalry Comes, Puts Hold On North Dakota Pipeline

It's a win/lose day for opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline -- but it could be leaning toward 'win.'
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ACLU Gonna Get Lawyers For All The Little Immigrant Babies. Watch Out, Donald Trump!

The ACLU announced Tuesday that a federal judge has granted class action status to thousands of migrant children in a lawsuit demanding that attorneys be appointed to help kids in immigration hearings. Yes, it's disgusting the government has to be sued to do that.
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Reasonable Moderate John Kasich Will Charge You To Vote, If It’s An ‘Emergency’

Ohio lawmakers passed a nifty bill that will put the cost of extending voting hours in an emergency where it belongs: On the voters requesting extended hours from a judge. Voting isn't free, after all.
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Arkansas Gentleman In Jail Just For Loving Bible Too Much, Threatening To Kill Seven Mayors

Guy who threatened seven mayors insisted that learning the 10 Commandments along with his ABCs made him the man he is today. Hmm.
I'm out of order? This whole COUNTRY is out of order!

Ammon Bundy’s Legal Defense Exactly As Sane As Every Other Bundy Legal Theory

Oh goody, it looks like the defense team for malodorous wildlife refuge terrorist Ammon Bundy is taking its cues from the squirrelly legal theories of the defendant, which should make the coming trial no end of laughs, especially when...

DNC And Bernie Sanders Campaign BFFs Again, Ready For Awkward Make-Up Sex

It's not exactly a lovefest breaking out, but the Democratic National Committee and the Bernie Sanders campaign have made a sort of peace that will allow the campaign to have access to the party's voter database again. The DNC...

Bernie Sanders Did A Bad, Will Have To Sue His Way To The White House Now

Uh oh and oh no and tsk-tsk. It seems the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign For Socialist Czar of America was all up inside Hillary Clinton's home-brewed voter database over at the Democratic National Committee, stealing her carefully curated and very private...
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Kickstarter For Joe Arpaio To Crush His Enemies Like Cockroaches They Are

The last time we checked in on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he was having a terrible horrible no-good very bad day: He was facing a contempt of court charge for ignoring federal court orders telling him to stop...
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Sovereign Citizen Lady Is Citizen … OF OUR HEARTS!

Meet Tamah Jada Clark, a “Floridian-American” sovereign citizen who brought a whole new meaning to "swearing before the court" when she recently filed an obscenity-filled court document titled "Notice: To F*ck This Court and Everything that it Stands For"...
Don Blankenship at a -- get this -- Labor Day event.

Evil Murdery Mining CEO Don Blankenship Indicted For Being Unbelievable Dick

This post brought to you by the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for Coalmine Explosions, Oil Spills, and Occasional Revenge Fantasies. Yr Wonkette is a generally peaceful sort, a secularist who believes that people should try to be nice to each...
Washington DC in the near future (artist's conception)

Hey Washington DC, Grab All The Guns You Want And Go To Chipotle!

In a great ruling for anyone who wants to walk around Our Nation's Capitol while packing heat, a federal judge on Saturday struck down Washington DC's ban on carrying guns in public, because the Second Amendment wants you to...