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Cry, Nazi! Cryyyyyyy!

Forget 'alt-right' or even 'neo-Nazi.' This guy is a Whine Nationalist.
No Disaster Preparedness Funds for you!

MIND BLOWN: Alex Jones Reveals Soup Nazi Only Character On ‘Seinfeld’ Who Was Not Nazi

Alex Jones will never convert for the jokes.
Not actually Bundy's son

Lawless Nevada Thug Cliven Bundy Gets To Stay In Jail Forever, Hooray!

Oh, those jackbooted federal government thugs have done it this time! They arrested Cliven Bundy last week in Oregon on charges related to the insane violent 2014 standoff he started in Nevada over whether the Constitution protects the God-given...
Also, you wouldn't believe the amount of batshit around here.

Oregon Standoff Ends In Arrests, Disappointment At Failure To Spark Revolution

Good news from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Thursday, as the last four militia loons occupying the refuge surrendered to FBI agents without violence. Three of the four surrendered as planned when Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and preacher...

FBI Video Conclusively Shows Oregon Militia Guy Shot Dead By Cops Was Not Unarmed Black Teen

While one group of dangerous thugs bickered Thursday night over who would kill terrorists the hardest, the FBI held a press conference in Burns, Oregon, aimed at disproving rumors that LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona welfare rancher who came to...
Nature is so beautiful. Can't wait to cut it all down!

Oregon Militia Couple Celebrates ‘Take Your Daughters To Armed Insurrection’ Day

In a touching story that proves patriotism is a family value, Oregon Public Broadcasting confirmed Friday there are at least two young children staying at the Bundy Militia Insurge-O-Ree in eastern Oregon, where militants have taken over the Malheur...
But officer, this is a sovereign truck!

Oregon Militia Idiot Steals Gubmint Truck For Vital Snack Run, Goes Directly To Jail

As the Great Big Bundy Militia Freedom Standoff slouches into its second week, there are signs that the Many Moron Marchers are growing either bolder, stupider, or both. Exhibit A: Oregon State Police arrested one of the brave freeloader...

Bundy Ranch Insurgents Physically Fight Federal Agents In Dispute Over Cows (VIDEO)

This is video of part of a confrontation between federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management and insurgents who reject the federal government's claim of sovereignty over federal lands in Nevada. in·sur·gent noun -jənt: a person who fights against an...