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Working Hard Or Hardly … Eh, It’s Trump, What Do You Want. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Dec. 28, 2017

Trump tries to take credit for Obama's legacy, Roy Moore about to officially lose (again), and Donald Trump is ... GOLFING??? THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!!! Your morning news brief.

GOP Gives Coal For Christmas. Wonkagenda For Wed., Dec. 20, 2017

Republican tax fuckery lurches forward, Trump quietly scrapping safety regulations, and net neutrality shenanigans. Your morning news brief.

Carter Page Spills The Beans. Wonkagenda for Tues., Nov. 7, 2017

Carter Page's admits denying all the things, Mitch McConnell digs in, and the suit and tie crowd invades the swamp. Your morning news brief.

If Ted Cruz Hates Dildos So Much, Then What’s This In His Butt?

It's so rude how liberals and the media are libeling Ted Cruz by saying he hates dildos. He LOVES THEM.

Pence Scribbling ‘President’ All Over His Notebook. Wonkagenda for Tues., Aug. 8, 2017

Republicans are writing love letters (and checks) to Mike Pence, the CIA won't drink Trump's Kool-Aid, businesses sour on Trump. Your morning news brief!

Your James Comey Firing Shitshow! Wonkagenda For Wed., May 10, 2017

Comey on everyone's lips, more about James Comey, and some stories about James Comey. Your morning news brief!

Mick Mulvaney? He’s This Dick. Your Wonkagenda For Wed., May 3, 2017

Mick Mulvaney is a real asshole, TrumpCare is under the weather, and the Heritage Foundation flushes Jim DeMint. Your morning news brief!

Arizona’s BYO Drugs Death Penalty Tailgate Party!!!

Nation Wonders What Arizona is Smoking as State Encourages Death Row Lawyers to Take Side Jobs as Drug Dealers
Sorry, Victor

Freeze Your Balls Off the Medicinal Way

Experts agree: freezing men's privates just leaves them cold-cocked.

Look At These Amazing People Standing Up For Orlando. Look At Them.

Click this, it will make you feel better.
dressing on the side

How Gross Were Dole’s Salad Products And When Did Dole Know About The Gross?

A Corporate Person with a legacy of overthrowing native governments to make it easier for their nice time plantations is still misbehavin'? Say it ain't so! Dole Food Company allegedly knew its salad tested positive for deliciousness listeria about a...

FDA Allows Gays To Donate Blood Now, But Only If They Promise Not To Gay

Our public radio and respectable news-type outlets were all a-flutter Monday with the news that the FDA has lifted its decades-old ban on letting men who have sex with men donate blood. Hooray! Except that you now need to have...

Dirty Dirty Crude And Other Great Gifts From Your Corporate Overlords

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Corporate Person in your life who has everything? Or maybe you're a Corporate Person looking for just the right something to give a lobbyist or board member. You've come to the...

We Are Accidentally Creating Our Own Untreatable Plagues, Whoopsie

Ebola sure was scary in 2014, wasn't it? It wasn't nearly as bad as that outbreak of Haha-We're-So-Hosed Disease, though. Oh, you're not familiar that one? YOU WILL BE. A new review commissioned by UK Prime Minister and occasional porcine...

Precious White People Losing Their Damn Minds Over GMO Salmon

SOMEONE SAID "GMO," GET THE CAGE-FREE ORGANIC PITCHFORKS! For those who missed it, earlier this month, the FDA approved the sale of GMO salmon for the first time, after a company called AquaBounty came up with a way to allow...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Deep In The Heart Of Stupid

Greetings, pardners, and welcome once again to the Snake Oil Bulletin. We've got us a rootin', tootin', hole-in-head-shootin' round of stories on the agenda this week, all taking place in that great throbbing, barbecue-thrombosed heart of America, Texas! Yeehaw!...