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Trump Declared His Inauguration Day The Greatest Patriotic Day In All Of North Korea

Yow! Are we Patriotically Devoted Yet?

Some Gentle Advice For The Brave Men And Women Of The GOP

We have Ali Davis now. You will like her. Read up, sons!
Oh dear. Best case scenario, there.

Four (Or Five) Novels To Prepare You For Life In Trump’s America. Like Anything Could Prepare You For That.

We wouldn't call it escapist, but it's all fiction. For now.


You stupid fucking racist piece of shit cocksucker dicks.

What Are Fox News Patriots Saying About Terrible, Horrible America-Hater Colin Kaepernick?

Did you hear Kaepernick is a secret Islamic? Sean Hannity did!
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

Tyrant Barack Obama Warns Trump Is The Real Deal

President Obama's speech at the DNC Wednesday offered some thoughts on who the un-American candidate in this election is. It's the guy who has a list of demands, not policy proposals.
Sit on it and spin, you orange baboon.

Donald Trump Loves The Gays So Much He Wants Them To Go Outside On This Nice Day

We sent Major Major Major Major to the Donald Trump Howler Monkey Circus stop in Atlanta! Word poop was flung!
Yes, yes, the nice socialist speaks German too, please save your angry emails...

Austrian Neo-Nazi Loses Election, Breitbart Sad

Austria narrowly avoided electing a far right candidate who loves flirting with the language and symbolism of Naziism. Breitbart News choked back a sob.

After GQ Profile Of Melania Trump, Fans Send Writer Amusing Auschwitz Pics, Death Threats

So a couple days ago, GQ ran a profile of Melania Trump that portrayed her as a pretty smart woman (hinting that she's actually smarter than her husband) who's private, ambitious, and like Donald, astonishingly gifted at giving opaque...

Louie Gohmert: Cancelling Bigot Twins’ TV Show Leads To Nazi Female Genital Mutilation

Louie Gohmert has just about had it with these intolerant gheys and liberals and all their fascism, because he sees where it's inevitably headed: Nazi concentration camps and female genital mutilation, probably. He knows this, because psychology. In a somewhat-less-than-focused...

Smart Jewish Lady Thinks Bazillionaire Was Right About Progressives Genociding Him, So That’s Settled

It's over, people! The Tom Perkins controversy is over. A lady called Ruth Wisse, who is a smart Harvard-type Jewish lady who writes so many books about Jewish stuff, has decided that Tom Perkins was right on the money...

Deleted Comments Of The Day: I Guess This Is Your Idea Of ‘Creative Writing?’

Can anyone doubt that Wonkette's Own Gary Legum has earned himself an appointment to the Jim Newell Memorial Chair in Peggy Noonan Studies? Apparently, someone can, and that someone is irate Accipitriform-American reader "HMichaelHAWK," who had this to say...

Wall Street Journal: To Use The Word ‘Liar Is To Kill Six Million Jews

Mitt Romney stated things during the debate last week that were often in direct contravention of both reality and things he had previously stated. If you're wondering why I don't use the L-word ("liar," not "lesbian"), it's because, as...

Mich. Gov Training Army of ‘Corporate Advisers’ To Destroy Local Governance

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is pushing ahead on his path to fascism (the good kind! the American kind!), making good on his plans to fire locally elected officials and install his own people to rule over municipalities across the...

Texas Lawmaker Wants To Imprison People For Implementing Health Care

To solve our nation's problems, we will need to do what our nation does best: innovate. Some may say that our politics cannot possibly become more polarized. But they're small-minded. There's a whole new frontier of polarization. And it...

Boston Teabaggers: We Have Fascism Now, Right?

It's the Boston Tea Party day in Boston, and everybody is breaking out with their finest signs and slogans. Our Boston Globe (?!) friend Garrett Quinn is out there taking pictures, including this one. How did we, as a...