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The Seven Words You Can’t Say At The CDC

Evidence-based, science-based, fetuses, transgender, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity.

Deleted Comments: Asking For Citations? What Typical Feminist Bullshit!

Our Dear ShitFerBrains cup truly runneth over this week.
Catch you with my death bag. Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song

Which Of These Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theories Is Most Stupidest? Potato

The Truth is Out There. It certainly isn't in any of these conspiracy theories.

Jesus Idiot Knows Hillary Murdered Mike Flynn, Because He Knew About The Pizza Sex

Just another day in the devil-worshipping Luciferian demon-possessed salt mines.
Rightwing humor at its edgiest

Donald Trump Warns Mexico Not Just Sending Rapists And Murderers — Now It’s Sending VOTERS

Donald Trump has a new reason for his supporters to harass Latinos, yay!

This One Chart Explains How Donald Trump Is Vile Beyond Description

Donald Trump's much anticipated (so they say) speech on illegal immigration used the word "kill" six times. "Murder" came up three times. There was one "rape," three "violent," a whopping 24 "criminal," five "horrible," just one "terrible" (!), five...
This is an ex-parte! Err, parrot!

Parrot Pining For The Witness Box, May Provide Evidence In Michigan Murder Case

A foul-mouthed African grey parrot named Bud might be entered into evidence in a Michigan murder trial, maybe. Probably not, but maybe. Bud may have overheard the murder of his owner, Martin Duram, in 2015, and since shortly after...
He thinks good

Weedlord Bonerhitler PWNS!!!1! George Zimmerman’s Dumb Murder Weapon Auction

George Zimmerman's attempt to get his historic child-shooting weapon into the hands of a firearms collector/murder fetishist who appreciates its value as an artifact of Zimmerman's struggle with race, history, and attention-seeking has been dealt another blow. Thursday, the...
Poor murder weapon has to wait to find a new home.

George Zimmerman Can’t Auction Off His Child-Murdering Gun Now, RIP America

Oh, hi, America's sociopaths, looks like you're just going to have to wait for another chance to bid on George Zimmerman's turgid child-killing muscle. The auction site for the 9mm handgun Zimmerman used to shoot Trayvon Martin dead...
'Maybe God made a monkey that doesn't like to think it's a monkey, and lies a lot.' -- Joe Rogan

Alabama Rep. Saves Schoolkids From Learning They Are Disgusting Monkeys

This is exciting! Alabama state Rep. Mack "Not a Porn Name" Butler has introduced a bill that will encourage students to "think critically" about science by allowing teachers greater latitude to add stuff to science classes that isn't so...
Funny, not one working microphone, either.

Michigan Cops Had Perfectly Good Reason For Beating Up Unarmed Black Guy, Probably

Surprising news from Michigan: On Jan. 28, police in the Detroit suburb of Inkster were caught on dashcam dragging an African American man from his car, putting him in a chokehold, then repeatedly beating and tasering him because, they...

Bill Nye, Expert At Explaining Science To Children, Finds It Too Complicated For A Creationist

So we went ahead and watched that Bill Nye and Ken Ham joint appearance -- really, "debate" is the entirely wrong word -- hosted by the Creation Museum in Kentucky yesterday. If you want to see it, it is...

Smoke Em If You Got Em: Appeals Court To Decide Whether You Can Get Hiiiiighhhh

In a CLEARLY partisan move, a federal court is going to review “evidence” and “science” and listen to a bunch of “doctors” so they can decide once and for all if the American people should be free to get...

Cheney Is Going To Go Ahead And Just Arrest All Britain’s Terrorists For Them

The British are terribly, terribly cross with America's former Vice President Dick Cheney. The meddlesome Cheney somehow found himself all mixed up in counter-terrorism investigations over there! It seems he almost totally botched the UK's arrest of three British...

Shreddin’ With Dick