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Did Russia Hack Adam Rippon’s Score In Free Skate Last Night, Like A Common Wisconsin?

Are the Olympic judges fucking kidding right now?

Blagojevich Jury Deadlocked On 22 of 24 Counts

America's Governor, Rod Blagojevich, cannot be convicted of anything because he's too sexy. This is why the jury just told the judge, "Uhhh," as they can't decide on ANYTHING, and are permanently, hopelessly deadlocked on 22 of the 24...

Important News About Tom Campbell

Did you know that Demon Sheep Tom Campbell once impersonated Elvis at a party, just like Rod Blagojevich? And did you know that the person who made Carly Fiorina's famous ad was one Fred Davis, who also made the...

ROD BLAGOJEVICH IS YOUR NEW KING OF POP: Failed atavistic Fellini villain Rod Blagojevich has been spotted peddling his clownish Elvis impersonation grift at a parade in downtown Chicago. Shame on you Rod Blagojevich, for this obvious insult to...

The Art of Condi

Gossip Roundup: Presidents and the King