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Nah, it's got nothing to do with Ann Coulter. But we love this pic.

SC Gov. Nikki Haley Puts Ann Coulter, Confederate Slavery Flag In Their Proper Places

Rightwing columnist Ann Coulter isn't about to logic South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley into returning the Confederate flag to the statehouse. Here's a porfile in partial courage.

Actress Prepares For Ground-Breaking New Role: Inmate In Federal Prison

Hey Wonkstaffel, are you sad and depressed from all the awful news lately about BENGHAZI!!!!1!!! and the IRS and how President Barry spends his evenings in the White House personally reviewing your ISP activity logs and cackling at the...

White House Will Now Pretend To Listen To Everyone’s Crazy Ideas

Hey, America! Do you have ideas? Do you think that maybe everyone should be able to smoke lots of weed, or drive in cars without seat belts, or that we should all be ruled by robots, instead of Barack...

Rick Santorum Has Ideas About Making Healthcare Affordable

Hey all you whiny freeloading libruls, did you know that your health care costs are actually probably quite reasonable? This is our BREAKING NEWS brought to us by that yucky Rick Santorum, whose vast knowledge of Real America has...

Virginia DMV Makes Driver’s Licenses Look More Like Mug Shots

Facial recognition software operates on the principle that people never make expressions ever, and just wander the earth looking like dead-eyed zombies. Thus the Virginia DMV, in order to make driver's license pictures more compatible with the latest facial...

Matt, Don’t Be Cruel

More Fun With Harry Reid Press Releases