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Gay People: Do They Exist? A Conundrum Wrapped In A Riddle Rammed Down Your Throat!

Try being mean to leprechauns! You can't do it!

2016: The Year The Palins And The Duggars Bored The Everloving Sh*t Out Of Us

Oh, Palins. Oh, Duggars. We still can't quit you, even if you do suck lately.

Praise God And Pass The Gravy, Josh Duggar Cured Of Being Complete Boner Pervert


Josh Duggar Not Sorry Satan Used His Jesus Peener For Evil

Josh reportedly believes "external forces" caused him to molest his family and bang porn stars. OK.
She's sassy!

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Has Diaper Fantasies, And They Are Disgusting

Laura Ingraham can't wait to poop her pants. Don't you want to sit next to her?

Well, The Democratic Primary Sure Did Get TESTY This Week! Your Weekly Top Ten

Wonkers. Look above. Watch the video of Wonkette Baby GRRRRRAWWWWWWRING like a lion, over and over again. Don't you feel peaceful now? Aren't you ready to agree to disagree over whether KILLARY IS BILLARY THE SHILLARY HILLARY or whether...

Are The Duggar Girls Planning Their Pregnancies Like Common Regular-Amount-Of-Children Hoors?

Well sure -- who wants to watch 'Totally Reasonable Amount of Children and Daddy Got His Penis Tube Tied'?

Let’s Talk About Salon’s Flaming, Half-Masticated Dick Some More. Your Weekly Top Ten!

OH HEY WONKERS, WHAT IS SHAKING? We are fine, thank you for asking. So, it's Saturday and that means it's time for your weekly Top Ten list, which is all the stories YOU LOVED THE MOSTEST! Maybe you have read them...

Ooh! Wanna Send Your Teens To Arranged Marriage Camp With Some Quiverfull Duggar Types?

Quiverfull patriarch Vaughn Ohlman presents a thrilling three day retreat where you can pick out a spouse for your teenage kid!

‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’ Finale: Our Long National Nightmare Is Over At Last

We regret to inform you that the latest iteration of the Duggars, "Jill and Jessa: Counting Spawn On" has not yet been cancelled. Turns out prayers don't do shit. Perhaps we need to start making blood sacrifices to minor...
that's the devil in your pants

Let’s Have Dumb Old Kirk Cameron Tell Us How To Romance Our Christian Wives

Let's get one thing out of the way: Kirk Cameron is cute. This is why it such a screaming shame he fell in with the wrong crowd and became a creationist dickweasel fundamentalist Christian. And he dragged his dumb...

Harriet Tubman To Grace New $20 Bill, Because Suck It Andrew Jackson

Remember that GOP debate yea however many moons ago, when all the millionteen candidates were asked what American lady they thought would be real sexy for the $10 bill? It was pathetic! They all copied each other and said...

Fancy Branson Road Tripping With The Duggars On This Week’s ‘Jill And Jessa’

Every week, we wake up early on Wednesday morning and say a little prayer to whatever bloodthirsty pagan god we're praying to this time that somehow, some way, the "Jill and Jessa: Counting On A Trainwreck" show did not...