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Trump Campaign Calls ‘Jew-S-A’ Shouty Guy Deplorable, But That’s It, OK?

The Trump campaign is definitely not going to put up with any racism by people standing right in front of reporters, that's for sure.
Also, they're not so crazy about his followers

Donald Trump Has Only The Best, Yoogest Vote Fraud (Just Kidding It Is Weak And Sad)

Donald Trump knows how to fight rampant voting fraud -- with SELECTIVE voter fraud.

Trump-Loving Black Dude Tossed From Trump Rally For Loving Trump While Black

Black gent's love for Donald Trump remains unrequited.
The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

Donald Trump’s Big Immigration Speech Probably Sounded A Lot Better In The Original German

Donald Trump's immigration speech in Phoenix definitely attracted people who already planned to vote for Donald Trump.

Trump Supporters Stomping Crap Out Of Protester (Again) Really Love USA, Senseless Violence

A crowd of Trump supporters tried to beat the living crap out of a protester at a Pennsylvania rally Monday, in a pivot toward more presidential beatdowns.

Baby Screams At Trump Rally. Also, There Was A Baby.

Donald Trump has had it with these motherfucking babies at these motherfucking rallies.

Thin-Skinned Man-Baby Donald Trump Attempts To Respond To Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech

Show us on the doll where the mean lady hurt you with her big words, Donald.
Something about being wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross...

Trump’s Pastor Pal Wants Godless Jew Bernie Sanders To Meet His Friend Jesus

We're starting to wonder if maybe this Trump thing is getting out of hand, just a little maybe. Call it a hunch. Oh, sure, there's always been the xenophobia, the hatred, the lies, the gratuitous violence, and the candidate's...
A lot of very bad dudes

Donald Trump Rally Comes To Logical Conclusion

Donald Trump's rally in Chicago was cancelled Friday night after hundreds of protesters (probably all personally paid by George Soros, according to Breitbart commenters, who know what's really going on) got into the venue at the University of...
He's kind of a pussy.

Another Dude Gets Punched At Trump Rally Because That’s What Happens Now

Ho-hum. Another day in Donald Trump's America, which will be great again once we have sucker-punched or deported or built a wall around allllllllll the people we don't like. Or maybe worse. Nahhhhh, Donald Trump would never rally his supporters...
He's kind of a pussy.

So You Want To Be A Journalist In Donald Trump’s America?

Did you hear about the great Secret Service/TIME magazine journalist kerfuffle-squabble-foofaraw at Monday's Donald Trump rally at Radford University in Virginny? It was intense! There were Black Lives Matter protesters, saying protests! A journalist named Chris Morris wanted to get...

We Talked To Trump’s Virginia Supporters. They Seem Nice!

The Donald Trump Traveling Merchandise Show came to Richmond International Raceway this week, giving yr Wonkette the opportunity to get to know the people who make up his populist movement. Who are they? What makes them tick? Do THEY...