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But Donald Trump Jr.’s Russian Emails! Dear LORD, His Fuckin’ Russian Emails!

Oh for Christ's sake, can we just lock him the fuck up already?

Donald Trump Jr. Seems Pretty Darn Proud Of His Russian WikiLeaks Sexts!

Oh Donald Trump Jr., please go to jail.

Are These The Three Dumbest Fucking Reactions To The Trump-Russia Dossier News? Sure Why Not.

Starring Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump Jr. and PROGRESSIVE SAVIOR Tulsi Gabbard!
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition


It doesn't matter who paid for opposition research IF IT'S FUCKING TRUE, YOU IDIOTS.

Sean Spicer Awakens From Beautiful Dream Where Trump Jr. Never Conspired With Russia

Sean Spicer apparently hasn't been keeping up with ANY of the Donald Trump Jr. news. Your OPEN THREAD!

Eric Trump Promoted To Second Dumbest Trump Offspring

2nd place is still 1st loser, dumbass. Also it is your OPEN THREAD!

Trump Russian Pee Tape Threat Level Raised To Code Yellow

Donald Trump Jr. may have confirmed part of the Steele Dossier. SO WHERE IS THE PEE TAPE?

Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Russian Emails To Show What A Guilty Fuck He Is

How fucking stupid is Donald Trump Jr.? THIS FUCKING STUPID.

Trump Jr. Only Met With Russian Chick Because Russia Wanted To Help His Dad. Is That Bad?

Oh shit, is this what everybody means when they say 'collusion'? Oops, did that.

CNN Destroys Racist Internet Dork’s Life, By Not Doxxing Him

Goddammit the internet is stupid sometimes.

Shit Show Trash Fire ‘Twilight’ Extra Donald Trump Jr. Is A Model Now

Donald Trump Jr. is about to make you moist.
Only the crew knows for sure

OK Everyone, It’s Time To Chill Out About Rachel Maddow RIGHT NOW JESUS CHRIST

Rachel Maddow sure indeedy did get our attention, didn't she?

Trump Campaign Says Syrian Refugees DEFINITELY Just Like Poison Murder Skittles

A bowl of Skittles or a basket of deplorables: Which would YOU rather have?

Donald Trump Jr. Obviously Inherited His Smarts From His Daddy

Junior has been tweeting conspiracy theories from Alex Jones and Drudge, because he is S-M-R-T!